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Support Google+ #9

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When they release an API


Is this enough?

Or something is missing?


Write support is missing.


By write support, you mean posting to G+ (or broadcasting, as you call it in the plugin)?

Can't be used for the login at least, as Facebook and Twitter? Or when I login with one of this and post a comment, the comment is broadcasted to the user profile too?



To revisit at end of Feb and see if Google+ has a write API available. Re-evaluate options at that time.

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Oops, errant commit message.


Support for Google+ would be fantastic. Hope you'll reopen this and maybe include it in a future version like social 3.0 :)

@alexkingorg alexkingorg reopened this

Reopened - but Google needs to give us a write API before this can be considered.


agreed, write API is necessary for full support, and google has said that's not coming anytime soon.

...having said that, you could still support everything except broadcast in G+. if users manually broadcast their own links, you can use the read API to search the user's posts for links that point back to the blog, then aggregate the comments like you do with FB and Twitter.

i actually wrote a service that does this a while back: . feel free to check out the source; it's not in PHP but it's pretty straightforward.


Last we discussed this the decision was to wait until we have API parity, but I'm sure we will discuss again for the next release.


There is a hack to add support for Google+ Comments. It is not an API but could be a start to have a third tab for Google+ on WP´-Social. I've tested this hack and it works well.

More details here:


Hmmm, yes -- specifically a CreateActivity: "Use this type when your user creates a creative work such as a photo, blog entry, or microblog post."


At this time, there is no plan to add Google+ support to the plugin or proxy service.


Google+ allows writing through the API now. I hope this means Google+ integration in the near future?


The Google+ write API is finally here, via Moments...

So will this mean you'll reconsider implementing this (very) important feature soon?

BTW, the interface of Google+ Comments is just WOW! But what really matters is giving to readers the oportunity to comment directly, via just having a gmail account, without any other additional logging in steps.

Thanks! :)

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