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Digest Support #9

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Perhaps a separate plugin?

Daily and weekly digests.


That's an interesting one. The Daily Digest was the main feature I once installed the TT for :-)
I think there are two possible routes:

  • Using the downloaded Tweets to make one regular (i.e. visible in the blog) post at an given interval (day, week, month whatever). -- Pros: Use the local db and data, this should work really fast and smooth. -- Cons: You'll have alot 'useless' tweetposts lurking in the database. The distinction between "data" and "posts" is blurry, since both digest and fetched-tweet posts are living in the same db-table.
  • Using the framework provided by social to directly fetch the tweets and saving a post (kind of how the "old" digest worked). -- Pros: You'd only have the digest posts in the db -- Cons: no local backup of the original tweets (if there's an option to tell TT to not fetch the tweets - if the db is populated anyway, this route is useless)

To me when swapping to the new version (3.x) of TT it wasn't clear that TT will populate the wp_post table with tweets (using the aktt_tweet post-type), and that enabling "make posts from tweets" would just make a "real" post. So initially I had the misunderstanding that only "posted" tweets would appear in the wp_post table.

Since I use(d) TT to keep an archive of may tweets, there's no need to publish additional posts when a new tweet has been fetched. It took me a while to get that.

This goes slightly off-topic now, but why did you decide to insert the fetched tweets directly into the wp_posts table? Naivly looking from the outside, an aktt_tweets-table seems cleaner?


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