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Instructions for setting up TripQuest API

The application was created and tested on Ubuntu, but the app can be set up on every operating system by running the following commands on the command line.


Python 2.7.9 or above (from Python 2 versions)

Includes pip package manager(Note: you can also use previous python versions, but you must ensure that you also have pip package manager installed. 2.7.9 and above comes with pip included)

  • Clone the existing project

  • Navigate inside the cloned folder and run pip install -r requirements.txt (Note: For linux users: if you get access problems, try to run it as superuser. For windows users: You may need to add the path containing pip in your installation to your environment PATH variable. Any user: You can also use virtualenv, but is not necessary)

  • After installing the dependencies, run the following sequence of commands:

python createcachetable

python migrate

python runserver

You must now have the API server up and running

You can view the Quests by typing http://localhost:8000/quests/ (Note that a convenient view created by django-rest-framework will be displayed. If you want to get the raw json, concatenate ?format=json to the end of the previous urls)

In case you want to clear the cache and the database, navigate to the base folder and run the command python flush

For the mobile app you need to get the Ionic framework and then emulate/or run the app to your chosen devices. The code resides in the frontend folder. You can also view the created mockup views in the folder named views.