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YUP token contract
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CrowdHolding's YUP token


  • any Ethereum client (e.g. Parity)
  • Node.js 8.x
  • npm v5.x
  • ganache-cli v6.x (only for local deployment)


  • open terminal (let's call it MAIN)
  • cd into 'yupie-smartcontract' directory
  • execute command: npm install
  • create truffle symlink: ln -T node_modules/trufle/build/cli.bundled.js truffle
  • compile contracts: ./truffle compile
  • edit ./truffle.js
    • fill in path to the IPC provider (*.ipc "file")
    • optionally edit gPrice and gLimit values
  • edit ./migrations/2_deploy_token.js
    • fill in missing addresses (only for ropsten deployment)

Deploying to ganache-cli (TestRPC)

  • open separate console or console tab and run ganache-cli: ganache-cli -a 10 -p 8545
  • from MAIN terminal, deploy token contract: ./truffle migrate --network development

Deploying to Ropsten testnet

  • go to line 325900 in './node_modules/truffle/build/cli.bundled.js'
  • replace it with: var originalSendAsync = provider.send.bind(provider);
  • save changes to './node_modules/truffle/build/cli.bundled.js'
  • run your preferred Ethereum client (e.g. Parity)
  • deploy token contract (from MAIN terminal) ./truffle migrate --network ropsten -f 2 (disregard Truffle error upon deployment, check[TXHASH])
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