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base fork: crowdint/fulcrum
base: 7a8f91eccc
head fork: crowdint/fulcrum
compare: 1190ff03d1
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Commits on Oct 17, 2011
@kaleworsley kaleworsley Update rails to 3.0.10 b53efe3
Commits on Oct 18, 2011
@malclocke malclocke Ensure done iterations are sorted numerically.
Chrome sorts object keys numerically by default, so this hadn't
been showing up in my dev environment.

This guarantees the done iterations will be in the
correct numeric order when rebuilding the project iterations.

Fixes #57
@malclocke malclocke Merge branch 'rails-update' of
…into kaleworsley-rails-update
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
@malclocke malclocke Ensure done iterations are sorted numerically.
Fixes #57 (again!)
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
@kaleworsley kaleworsley Adds notes.
Signed-off-by: Malcolm Locke <>
@malclocke malclocke Add notes to story JSON 83fc442
@malclocke malclocke Change note field names and rename spec file 30c67f6
@malclocke malclocke Upgrade Jasmine to 1.1.0 0ad537e
@malclocke malclocke Add some notes to database seeds 2bbd9d8
@malclocke malclocke Don't unset property with same name as model
During Backbone.RailsJSON.maybeUnwrap() ensure that a property with the
same name as the model doesn't get clobbered, e.g.:

    {note:{note: "This was getting deleted"}}
@malclocke malclocke First cut at rendering notes into stories eb90445
@malclocke malclocke Create StoryView.renderNotes() method 4c570a7
@malclocke malclocke Add Note.user() method. 2a60292
@malclocke malclocke Create a story changeset on note save 62044e9
@malclocke malclocke Ensure presence of note body 66e6b6f
@malclocke malclocke Reset the notes collection html when rendering 2a02af1
@malclocke malclocke Remove extra bind from NoteForm submit button
Already bound in the view events hash
@malclocke malclocke Extract adding empty note to a method
Move code which adds a new unsaved note to the end of the story.notes
collection to a method.
@malclocke malclocke Extend hasDetails() to check for saved notes.
Method is used to decide whether to display the speach bubble icons in
the story view.  Extend it to check for notes as well as story
@malclocke malclocke Display notes in story popup
Also handle null note user and add styles for note display.
@malclocke malclocke Disable note form on submit 2ef2809
@malclocke malclocke Handle errors when creating a note 4a7f9e6
@malclocke malclocke Method to get list of users to notify of new note 4c4126d
@malclocke malclocke Send email notification when creating a note 1190ff0
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