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Welcome to the rails3-jquery-autocomplete wiki!

You may have noticed there has actually been some activity around here lately! As the new project maintainer, right now my current priorities are as follows.

  1. Close out existing issues/pull requests
  2. Maintain backwards compatibility
  3. Make sure we are compatible with Rails 4

Right now there are a lot of open issues and pull requests. Some of these are quite old.

If it is an issue and it is more than a couple months old I'm just closing it out unless something jumps out at me as being seriously wrong. This is not because I don't want to help, but rather that I don't know if people are even still having these issues. If I close an issue and it is still a problem then please re-open it and let me know!

On the matter of pull requests. This is a bit more difficult. Quite a few pull requests went un-merged for a long time and in many cases there have been changes on master that don't line up with the changes in the pull requests. If the pull request makes sense and can merge in well then I will merge it in. Some pull requests, good idea or not, are going to end up being rejected just due to the divergence in branches.

I really value everyone's contributions and I don't want any hurt feelings. Please don't take it personally; I'm just trying to get things caught up right now so we can move forward more easily.

Thanks, bigtunacan