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Zippopotamus API

The free open source static API for all the worlds postal codes.

See for how to use the API.

To Contribute Changes:

Postal codes change a lot! And keeping track is tough. Here is how you can help

Please correct any mistakes or add any new countries that we are missing by adding a new file in theraw/ folder

This is a csv file with " quotations around each term.

A sample file is included in raw/sample.txt which shows how to add records for the imaginary country of Atlantis,


The data format is tab-delimited text in utf8 encoding, with the following fields :

  • country : This is the country's name, like 'Spain'
  • country abbreviation: This is the ISO 2 letter country code like, "ES" for Spain
  • post code : This is the postal/zip code of the area, '90210'
  • place name : This is a town/city/metro name like 'San Francisco'
  • state : This is a state or province or region name like 'California'
  • state abbreviation : This is a state abbreviation, like 'CA'
  • latitude : estimated latitude
  • longitude : estimated longitude

Exceptions and Caveats:

  • gb Great Britain : Only supports 'in-codes', no 'out-codes' supported
  • fr France : CEDEX is supported in the JSON response, queries are only 5 digit numbers
  • ar Argentina : Only the 4 digit old version is supported at the moment
  • br Brazil : Only major postal codes are available (Codes ending with -000 and the major code per municipality)
  • sk Slovak Rep. : Please note that there is a space in the postal code


Submit an issue or contact Jeff or Samir

© Jeff Crowell - Samir Ahmed 2012

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