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Crowi - The Simple & Powerful Communication Tool Based on Wiki


Circle CI Join the chat at

Crowi is:

  • Easy to edit and share,
  • Markdown supported,
  • Useful timeline list view,
  • Fast.


Install dependencies and build CSS and JavaScript:

$ npm install

More info is here.


Don't use master branch because it is unstable. Use released version except when you want to contribute to the project.


  • Node.js (6.x)
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch (optional) (Doc is here)
  • Redis (optional)
  • Amazon S3 (optional)
  • Google Project (optional)
  • Slack App (optional)

Start Up on Local

Crowi is designed to be set up on Heroku or some PaaS, but you can also start up Crowi with ENV parameter on your local.

$ PASSWORD_SEED=somesecretstring MONGO_URI=mongodb://username:password@localhost/crowi node app.js

or please write .env.


  • PORT: Server port. default: 3000.
  • NODE_ENV: production OR development.
  • MONGO_URI: URI to connect to MongoDB. This parameter is also by MONGOHQ_URL OR MONGOLAB_URI.
  • REDIS_URL: URI to connect to Redis (to session store). This parameter is also by REDISTOGO_URL.
  • ELASTICSEARCH_URI: URI to connect to Elasticearch.
  • PASSWORD_SEED: A password seed used by password hash generator.
  • SECRET_TOKEN: A secret key for verifying the integrity of signed cookies.
  • FILE_UPLOAD: aws (default), local, none


  • MATHJAX: If set 1, enable MathJax feature.
  • PLANTUML_URI: If set the url of PlantUML server, then enable PlantUML feature. e.g. http://localhost:18080.

see: .env.sample

For develop

We can use docker-compose for develop without complicated settings.

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml up


  • Express restarts when a file changed
  • Gulp compiled assets automatically

When a trouble occured

Please try the following commands.

# Stop containers
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml stop
# Remove containers
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml rm
# Remove images
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml images -q | xargs docker rmi -f
# Build images
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml build


  • The MIT License (MIT)
  • See LICENSE file.