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Eric Pailleau edited this page Mar 25, 2018 · 6 revisions

Welcome to the geas wiki!

geas can help you to :

  • Write your CI tool config file
  • Know if beam files can run with an Erlang VM
  • Verify that your dependencies can run on same Erlang release window than your project
  • Check that a new dependancy does not reduce your release window
  • Write clear statements in your README project files
  • Modify your code in order to increase runnable release window
  • Know if application/module have to be fixed in order to run on the last official release
  • Know if a patche should be applied on your current Erlang release

This Wiki tells you changelog for this project, how you can tune output and how it works with some limitations. It tells you also how you can use it as a module or as a plugin for your preferred build tool, or rebar.

Enjoy !

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