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RM-Tools: Software to analyse Faraday rotation

Python scripts to perform RM-synthesis, RM-clean and QU-fitting onpolarised radio spectra.

IMPORTANT: the actively developed RM-tools directory has moved. RM-tools can now be found at

Further development of RM-tools will take place in that repository, so all feature requests, bug reports, and other communication should be done there. This repository will no longer be updated. The main branch contains the last update of the Python 2 version of RM-tools, while the CIRADA branch contains the Python 3 version as of May 2019.

RMtools_1D ... 1D utilities to analyse Faraday spectra. RMtools_3D ... 1D utilities to analyse Faraday spectral cubes. RMutils ... Core functions used by the analysis utilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The master and develop branches of RM-tools are no longer being actively maintained. The cirada branch has been updated to Python 3; the master branch has been left for Python 2 compatability but will not receive updates except for critial bugs (at our discretion). The most recent version of the cirada branch can be found at the new repository linked above.

Questions, bug reports, and feature requests can be sent to Cameron Van Eck, cameron.van.eck (at)

More information on the Canadian Initiative for Radio Astronomy Data Analysis (CIRADA) can be found at


Stand-alone scripts to analyse Faraday spectra in 1- and 3-D.




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