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Travis GoDoc


Goenv is a Go package that provides virtualenv-like functionality for Go projects, isolating dependencies into workspaces for safer and simpler management.


Go's package management expects that all go source files and packages will exist under a single system directory, GOPATH. This makes it easy to install and find packages, but means that any projects being worked on will share the same GOPATH, which can cause issues if different versions of packages are required and make it difficult to create isolated, reproducible builds.


  • Similar functionality to Python's virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper.
  • Separates development directory from import path - e.g., develop in ~/myproject, but import from
  • Isolates dependencies from other projects.
  • Does not interfere with any go command functionality.
  • Written in Go, installable with go get.

Quick start

First, ensure your PATH includes the /bin directory in your global GOPATH, with something like:


Install this package:

go get

Within your project directory, create a goenv:


Activate the goenv:

. goenv/activate

Install packages with go get or other dependency managment tools.

go get

When finished, deactivate the goenv:




Usage: goenv init [-g][-s][-p][-n] [import path]

Init initializes a goenv and creates an initialization script that
activates it.  This script creates, if needed, a GOPATH directory
structure, symlinks the project into that structure at the specified
input path, and then alters the current session's GOPATH environment
variable to point to it.

The goenv can be deactivated with 'deactivate'.

Init supports the following options:

        the name of the environment, defaulting to the name
        of the current working directory.

        the GOPATH to create, defaulting to ~/.goenv/<name>

        the project path, defaulting to the current working

        the full path to the initialization script, defaulting
        to ./goenv/activate.


Usage: goenv help [command]

Help gets detailed usage information for a command.


  • destroy command
  • ???