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@@ -335,17 +335,16 @@ Also you could choose to return HttpResponseForbidden("who are you?") instead of
-#### make_ajax_form(model,fieldlist,superclass=ModelForm,show_m2m_help=False)
+#### make_ajax_form(model,fieldlist,superclass=ModelForm,show_help_text=False)
If your application does not otherwise require a custom Form class then you can use the make_ajax_form helper to create the entire form directly in See below for cases where you wish to make your own Form.
+ *model*: your model
+ *fieldlist*: a dict of {fieldname : channel_name, ... }
+ *superclass*: [default ModelForm] Substitute a different superclass for the constructed Form class.
-+ *show_m2m_help*: [default False]
++ *show_help_text*: [default False]
Leave blank [False] if using this form in a standard Admin.
Set it True for InlineAdmin classes or if making a form for use outside of the Admin.
- See discussion below re: Help Text
@@ -375,16 +374,15 @@
subclass ModelForm just as usual. You may add ajax fields using the helper or directly.
-#### make_ajax_field(model,model_fieldname,channel,show_m2m_help = False,**kwargs)
+#### make_ajax_field(model,model_fieldname,channel,show_help_text = False,**kwargs)
A factory function to makes an ajax field + widget. The helper ensures things are set correctly and simplifies usage and imports thus reducing programmer error. All kwargs are passed into the Field so it is no less customizable.
+ *model*: the model that this ModelForm is for
+ *model_fieldname*: the field on the model that is being edited (ForeignKey, ManyToManyField or CharField)
+ *channel*: the lookup channel to use for searches
-+ *show_m2m_help*: [default False] When using in the admin leave this as False.
- When using in AdminInline or outside of the admin then set it to True.
- see Help Text section below.
++ *show_help_text*: [default False] Whether to show the help text inside the widget itself.
+ When using in AdminInline or outside of the admin then set it to True.
+ *kwargs*: Additional kwargs are passed on to the form field.
Of interest:
help_text="Custom help text"

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