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Splines for the SuperCollider music programming environment.

  • BezierSpline
    • BezierSplines may have an unlimited number of control points.
  • LinearSpline
  • BSpline

These are representations of the mathematical defintion of splines (a collection of Points) with supporting functions for performing the interpolations. Unlike Envelopes they are not limited to left-to-right time representations.


Splines can be used as controllers for parameter automation or sequencing. They may be multi-dimensional and be used to control many parameters with a unified time domain. States and presets can be stored in multi-dimensional points and interpolated between or sequenced in time.

  • SplineGen

    • kr - like EnvGen but for Splines
    • ar - also possible to loop it and run it at audio frequencies
    • readKr - use a position input to freely modulate along the X axis
    • xyKr - travels along the spine and emits modulation controls for each dimension
  • SplineMapper - use a spline as a transfer function or waveshaper. kr/ar

  • SplineOsc - play a spline as an oscillator. kr/ar

Mx also includes SplineFr that plays a Spline at a frame rate on the client and sends controls to the server. This class might be moved into splines.


Spline GUIs may be placed on any window or view and even on another UserView. They can be zoomed in the X dimension for time-domain splines (for instance automation curves).

Double click to create a new point. Click a point to select it, hit delete to delete it.

Hold down shift-control while moving a point to limit movements to the vertical axis. Hold down control to limit it to the horizontal.

Bezier Splines have control points — hold down ALT while clicking to create or edit those.

l = LinearSpline({ { 4.0.rand } ! 2 } ! 9);

l = LinearSpline({ { 4.0.rand } ! 6 } ! 12);
v = VectorSplineGui(l).gui(nil,1000@1000);

// used like a long envelope
b = LinearSpline( Array.fill(60,{ arg i; [ i,1.0.rand ] }) );
	PinkNoise.ar * SplineGen(b).kr(doneAction:2)

// travel along the spine of the spline outputting an x and a y control
    # f , w = SplineGen(b,0,loop:true).xyKr(MouseY.kr(0.1,20),32);
  • VectorSplineGui - for editing multi-dimensional splines that consist of a series of vectors — each point is a vector of parameters. It interperets a spline as an ordered series of vectors.