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Presenting several toasts quickly causes animation to stop #33

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Having several toast pop-up at the same time causes the following error in the console Multiple gravity behavior per animator is undefined and may assert in the future and causes the toast to not perform the out animation.

Here is the current setup:

    NSDictionary *options = @{
                              kCRToastTextKey : @"You now have 5 credits",
                              kCRToastTextAlignmentKey : @(NSTextAlignmentCenter),
                              kCRToastTextColorKey : [UIColor redColor],
                              kCRToastBackgroundColorKey : [UIColor blackColor],
                              kCRToastAnimationInTypeKey : @(CRToastAnimationTypeGravity),
                              kCRToastAnimationOutTypeKey : @(CRToastAnimationTypeGravity),
                              kCRToastAnimationInDirectionKey : @(CRToastAnimationDirectionLeft),
                              kCRToastAnimationOutDirectionKey : @(CRToastAnimationDirectionRight),
                              kCRToastNotificationTypeKey : @(CRToastTypeNavigationBar),
                              kCRToastNotificationPresentationTypeKey : @(CRToastPresentationTypePush),
                              kCRToastTimeIntervalKey : @1,
                              kCRToastFontKey : [UIFont systemFontOfSize:24]
    [CRToastManager showNotificationWithOptions:options


Damn thanks for the report @BrettThePark will take a look

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Fix for #33 #39

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Closing since #39 was merged

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