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# Building FwAnalyzer

## Requirements

- golang + dep + golang-lint
- Python
- filesystem tools such as e2tools, mtools

The full list of dependencies is tracked in the [Dockerfile](Dockerfile).

## Clone Repository

cd go/src/
git clone

## Building

Before building you need to download some third party go libraries, run `make deps` before the first build.

cd go/src/
make deps

The `fwanalyzer` binary will be in `build/`.

# Testing

We have two types of tests: unit tests and integration tests, both tests will be triggered by running `make test`.
Tests rely on e2tools, mtools, squashfs-tools, and ubi_reader, as well as Python.

cd go/src/
make test
@@ -54,6 +54,10 @@ Example report:

## Building and Development

Follow the steps described in [Building]( to install all requirements and build FwAnalyzer.

## Using FwAnalyzer

Command line options

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