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Ambient Hue Lighting Controller

This python script examines pixels on your main screen and sets your #2 Phillips Hue light to the average of those colours.

This is intended to provide a an experience similar to the amBX lighting system:


  • Uses PIL to grab your screen


  • Might only work with windowed/fullscreen windowed programs?


  • python


  • Thanks to studioimaginaire; I use their Python interface for the Hue hub.


  • I envisioned starting my computer, my light turning on, changing colours as relevant, and turning off when I turned off my machine. There are two conflicting problems with this:
    • Easily getting shutdown messages requires being a service
    • Taking screengrabs is very difficult (impossible?) as a service
  • Until I can figure out a way to resolve this, this script serves as an interesting artifact but nothing truly practical.