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sonoshue: Sonos Hue Server


The product of the Q1 2013 Innovation Week at Sonos, this Python program performs three functions:

  • Interfaces with a Phillips Hue hub by using studioimaginaire's phue script
  • Provides an interface for this for a Sonos system via a SMAPI service
  • By interpreting specific "play" commands received from a Sonos ZonePlayer, provides control over the Phillips Hue bulbs.


  • You don't have to use the (kind of awful) Phillips Hue app
  • Setting alarms to turn on a light is a fair bit easier
  • Build a playlist where the light changes from song to song!
  • Build a playlist comprised exclusively of light controls, put it on loop and shuffle, and you've got yourself a disco!


  • Press the button on your Hue hub (only necessary the first time)
  • python [hueHubIP]
  • In a web browser, access http://[ZonePlayerIP]:1400/customsd.htm
    • Enter "Hue" as the name
    • Change SID if you have added other custom services to your Sonos system
    • Both endpoints are http://[yourIP]:8080/hue
    • Login: Anonymous
    • Leave other settings as-is
  • On your Sonos system, access the Service Settings menu, and add Hue
  • Control your Hue lights from the new Hue entry on your Music Menu


  • pysimplesoap, as all communication with your Sonos components is via SOAP