Contains scripts to install a statsd server on Ubuntu
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StatsD Ubuntu install scripts

This repository contains scripts to automatically install a Statsd + Graphite service upon an Ubuntu server. Easy for rapid deployment upon Azure, AWS or GAE.


Supplied is an Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) Vagrant file with port forwarding to test this script in.

  • Host 8080 → Vagrant 80 (TCP)
  • Host 8125 → Vagrant 8125 (UDP)
  • Host 8126 → Vagrant 8126 (TCP)

How to install on your Ubuntu machine

  • SSH into your fresh Ubuntu 14.04 machine
  • download the script wget
  • make it executable chmod +x
  • run it sudo ./
  • profit!

Persist data to different location

Your whisper files are default stored in /var/lib/graphite/whisper. The sqllite django db + search_index are stored alongside them in /var/lib/graphite and only required for the web interface to function. To move your whisper files to a new data directory you will need to make the following changes:

  • Create new data dir containing a whisper subfolder
  • Make the new data dir accessible for graphite chown _graphite._graphite /path/new-data-dir and chown _graphite._graphite /path/new-data-dir/whisper
  • Make the new data dir writeable chmod 755 /path/new-data-dir and chmod 755 /path/new-data-dir/whisper
  • Update the /etc/graphite/ config value WHISPER_DIR to point to /path/new-data-dir/whisper
  • Update the /etc/carbon/carbon.conf config value 'STORAGE_DIR' and LOCAL_DATA_DIR so carbon-cache stores the files in the correct location (NOTE: storage_dir point to basedir, local_data_dir to the /whisper subfolder)
  • Restart carbon-cache service carbon-cache restart to pick up the new value.
  • Restart apache2 service apache2 restart to serve from new data dir.