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Welcome to the hamsterdb wiki!

The official entry point for the documentation is at

Evaluating and Benchmarking
hamsterdb comes with a handy tool for evaluating and benchmarking a variety of configurations and different data characteristics. Evaluating and Benchmarking

A Tutorial
The Tutorial demonstrates nearly all functions of hamsterdb Embedded Storage. If you are not familiar with embedded database engines, this might be the best place to start. Tutorial

Analytical Functions
hamsterdb supports some analytical functions out of the box - i.e. COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE. Analytics

hamsterdb pro
hamsterdb pro is the commercial version of hamsterdb. It offers additional features like compression, encryption and SIMD support. Pro

Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ provide answers about programming and tuning hamsterdb. FAQ

The APIs
hamsterdb is a native library with an ANSI C interface. Other languages are supported through wrapper interfaces.

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