Automatically virtual host creator for apache2 written on bash
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Automatic virtual host creator for apache2. MUST BE STARTED AS ROOT!

First Run:

$ chmod a+x ./


$ sudo ./ -t <virtual_host_name> -u <username> -g <usergroup> -p <path_to_virtual_host>


-h       Show this message
-t       Virtual host name (for example, or example.local), REQUIRED
-u       Your username, REQUIRED
-g       Your groupname, default equal with username
-p       Absolute path for creating virtual host, default is "/var/www/<virtual_host_name>"
-l       Just list virtual hosts (no need parameters)
-r       Just remove this virtual host (need only -t parameter). USE CAREFUL!


$ sudo ./ -t -u crusat

$ sudo ./ -t -u crusat -g users -p /home/crusat/my_sites/

$ ./ -l

$ ./ -r -t

Tested on Xubuntu 12.04, 12.10; Apache2.

Specially thanks to my brother Sergey for help.