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What is Crust?

Crust is the open source unified work platform with CRM, Team Messaging and Low Code Development.

Crust is an enterprise distribution of Corteza Project.

Crust CRM Crust CRM is the highly flexible, scalable and open source Salesforce alternative, that enables your team to sell faster. It provides a 360 degree view of your customers, enabling you to service your prospects better and detect new opportunities.

Crust Messaging Crust Messaging is the secure, high performance, open source Slack alternative that allows your teams to collaborate more efficiently, as well as communicate safely with other organisations or customers.

Crust Compose Crust Compose is the flexible and easy to use open source Low Code Development platform for custom web based business applications, with drag and drop builder features, integrated Identity, Access and Privacy Management, and powerful automation options. Crust CRM is based on Compose.

Crust Unify Crust Unify manages the user experience for Crust applications, such as CRM, Messaging and Compose, as well as providing an integrated interface for third party or other bespoke applications. 100% responsive and with an intuitive design, Crust Unify increases productivity and ease of access to all IT resources.

See on Corteza Server for details.


You can find more documentation about Crust CLI, setup, deployment, authentication in corteza-docs GitHub repository.

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