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Jay Deiman crustymonkey

  • py-sonic

    A python library to wrap the Subsonic REST API

    Last updated

  • r53-dyndns

    Dynamic DNS agent which uses Amazon's Route53 and your own domain as the dns host.

    Last updated

  • cron-wrap

    This is a script that is used to wrap cronjobs to suppress/batch output

    Last updated

  • python-libmilter

    A pure python implementation of libmilter. This is compatible with both Postfix and Sendmail.

    Last updated

  • gallery3-contrib

    forked from gallery/gallery3-contrib

    Community contributions to Gallery 3

    Last updated

  • pylibgal3

    A Python library to wrap the Gallery 3 REST API

    Last updated

  • ub-split-map

    A python module for Unbound to dynamically map external IPs to internal RFC 1918 addresses to avoid split-horizon DNS

    Last updated

  • boto

    forked from boto/boto

    Python interface to Amazon Web Services

    Last updated

  • py-resolv

    A python DNS library with support for asynchronous lookups

    Last updated

  • py-secobj

    A simple Python object encryptor and decryptor

    Last updated

  • py-prefork-server

    A python based prefork server loosely modelled after the perl Net::Server::Prefork

    Last updated

  • pyrad

    forked from wichert/pyrad

    Python RADIUS implementation

    Last updated

  • django-postgresql-netfields

    forked from jimfunk/django-postgresql-netfields

    Proper INET and CIDR fields for Django running on PostgreSQL

    Last updated

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