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This is the iOS version on the CMS app, written in Swift. The app utilises the API endpoints provided by Moodle from the server hosted on the CMS Website.

contributions welcome License: MIT


  • Token based as well as Google login.
  • Offline access to course contents.
  • Enrollment to new courses.
  • Unenrollment from existing courses.
  • Local storage of attachments for external access from Files app.
  • Push Notifications


The deployment target for the app is iOS 11.0, so if your device is not on that or a newer version, you're out of luck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can download the latest release of the app from the App Store here.

If you want to manually install the app from this repository, first clone it. Navigate to the project directory and then install the pods by executing pod install. Once pods have been installed successfully, open the file named CMS-iOS.xcworkspace and then change the development profile to your profile and then run it after selecting your device from the drop-down next to the run button.


You can contribute by submitting an issue, or by picking an existing one from the list and sending a PR. Ensure that the branch underlying the PR is up-to-date with latest changes.

All changes must be made on top of a new branch forked off the development branch. The master branch is only updated when a new release is made.

Commit messages should follow common guidelines, such as the ones mentioned here, whenever possible.

Mention keywords such as "Fixes" or "Closes" in commit messages, followed by the issue number, to automatically close corresponding issues. (List of keywords)

The Moodle endpoints used by this app have been collected in a Postman here. You may import this collection into Postman directly using the link.


The app is under the MIT License.


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