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Custom picker view inspired by Rise ( and Timely ( apps
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PannablePickerView lets the user select a numeric value moving its finger up and down inside the control.

Built as a better way of handling value selection from a finite range (than UISlider and other alternatives), you can embed it to a full screen app, inline on a TableView or as a UITextField's inputView substitution! (read: awesome in-app custom keyboard). Check out the example project for more.

Customizable, you can change sizes, colors, units, prefix/suffix and more.

What's new on 2.0:

  • Swif 4.0 support


pod "PannablePickerView"
  • Manually:
  1. Clone this repo or download it as a .zip file
  2. Drag and drop PannablePickerView.swift to your project


  • From Storyboard:
  1. Drag and drop and UIView and name its Custom Class property as "PannablePickerView".
  2. Asign an IBAction to its "Value Changed" control event.
  • Programatically:
  1. Create an instance of it and add it to a view.
  2. You can either asign a frame to it or create NSLayoutConstraints.
  3. Add a selector for its .ValueChanged control event.


Thanks to @IBInspectables, you can customize its properties right on Storyboard:

You can also always do it programatically, of course.

@IBInspectable public var continuous:Bool = false

Determines wether the picker's value moves continuously or in discrete steps. Default value is false.

@IBInspectable public var value:Double

Current selected value. Affected by 'continuous', it could be a decimal number. This is the property you should pay attention to at 'Value Changed' control event. Default value is 0.

@IBInspectable public var minValue:Double = 0

Minimun value. Default value is 0

@IBInspectable public var maxValue:Double = 100

Maximun value. Default value is 100

@IBInspectable public var minLabelSize:CGFloat = 30.0

Minimum font size for shown value at panning. Default value is 30

@IBInspectable public var maxLabelSize:CGFloat = 54.0

Maximum font size for shown value at the center. Default value is 54

@IBInspectable public var textColor:UIColor = UIColor.whiteColor()

Text color for presented value. Default value is white

@IBInspectable public var textPrefix:String = ""

Prefix for shown value. Default value is ""

@IBInspectable public var textSuffix:String = ""

Suffix for shown value. Default value is ""

@IBInspectable public var unit:String = ""

Unit presented below shown value. Default is ""

@IBInspectable public var unitColor:UIColor = UIColor.whiteColor()

Text color for unit. Default is white

@IBInspectable public var unitSize:CGFloat = 14.0

Font size for unit. Default is 14

Delegate methods

optional func pannablePickerViewDidBeginPanning(sender:PannablePickerView)

Triggered when user has began interacting with the control

optional func pannablePickerViewDidEndPanning(sender:PannablePickerView)

Triggered when users has ended interacting with the control


  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Xcode 9.0 or later (Uses Swift 4.0 syntax)


Diego Cruz,


PannablePickerView is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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