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class SpringSecurityRoleGeneratorGrailsPlugin {
def version = "0.1"
def grailsVersion = "2.0 > *"
def title = "Spring Security Role Generator Plugin"
def author = "Maurice Rogers"
def authorEmail = ""
def description = '''\
Spring Security Role Generator
This plugin facilitates easier implementation of the spring security core plugin's annotated controllers.
It does this in two ways:
1. It provides a controller template that can be used during scaffolding.
This controller comes preconfigured with CREATE VIEW EDIT and DELETE annotations for the given class.
2. To tie into the controller above a generate-roles script is provided that will generate the
statements to create the roles for each class.
For each class supplied it will generate a CREATE, VIEW, EDIT and DELETE role.
You can generate for all classes by passing "*" as the parameter following the grails convention.
generate-roles "*"
generate-roles com.sample.MyClass
You can then take the generated statements and add it to your bootstrap for example.
The controller template
The plugin provides a custom controller template with the annotations already in place.
you can install it by running:
This will copy the template into your src/templates folder.
You can further customize it from there.
For people that already have a custom controller template, you can easily add the annotations to your template.
Following the same conventions you simply add the import:
import grails.plugins.springsecurity.Secured
Then add the appropriate annotations to your methods from the list below.
Thats all it takes to secure your applications.
def documentation = ""
def license = "APACHE"
def organization = [ name: "InfoWorks", url: "" ]
def issueManagement = [ system: "GitHub", url: "" ]
def scm = [ url: "" ]