Primitive redis client written entirely in Bash
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Latest commit 77ebf1d Nov 12, 2016 is a primitive Redis client, written entirely in Bash. It allows you to read/write keys and sets from redis as if they were regular Bash variables.


By default reads input from stdin and interprets it as a variable or array (if -a is used). To avoid setting redis hostname and port number with each command, you can export REDIS_HOST and REDIS_PORT variables.

./ [-a] [-g <variable|array>] [-p <password>] [-H <hostname>] [-P <port>]

    -a              : Tells the script that we are working with arrays, instead of regular variables.
    -r <min,max>    : When used with -a, defines the range of elements to get from the array. Default is all (0,-1).
    -g <name>       : Get the variable/array specified by <name> and output it to stdout.
    -s <name>        : Set the variable/array specified by <name> with the input from stdin.
    -p <password>   : Use "AUTH <password>" before running the SET/GET command to authenticate to redis.
    -H <hostname>   : Specify a custom hostname to connect to. Default is localhost.
    -d <number>   : Specify a custom database number from range 0-15\. Default is 0
    -P <port>       : Specify a custom port to connect to. Default is 6379.


$ echo "this is a variable" | ./ -s testvar
$ ./ -g testvar
this is a variable
$ echo red green blue | ./ -as Colors
$ ./ -ag Colors