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CryptAPI's PHP library
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CryptAPI's PHP Library

Official PHP library of CryptAPI


PHP >= 5.5


composer require cryptapi/php-cryptapi

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Generating a new address

require 'vendor/autoload.php'; // Where your vendor directory is

$ca = new CryptAPI\CryptAPI($coin, $my_address, $callback_url, $parameters, $pending);
$payment_address = $ca->get_address();


$coin is the coin you wish to use, can be one of: ['btc', 'eth', 'bch', 'ltc', 'iota', 'xmr']

$my_address is your own crypto address, where your funds will be sent to

$callback_url is the URL that will be called upon payment

$parameters is any parameter you wish to send to identify the payment, such as ['order_id' => 1234]

$pending if you want to be notified of pending transactions.

$payment_address is the newly generated address, that you will show your users

Getting notified when the user pays

The URL you provided earlier will be called when a user pays, for easier processing of the request we've added the process_callback helper


require 'vendor/autoload.php'; // Where your vendor directory is

$payment_data = CryptAPI\CryptAPI::process_callback($_GET, $convert);


$convert is a boolean to whether to convert to the main coin denomination.


The $payment_data will be an array with the following keys:

address_in - the address generated by our service, where the funds were received

address_out - your address, where funds were sent

txid_in - the received TXID

txid_out - the sent TXID or null, in the case of a pending TX

confirmations - number of confirmations, or 0 in case of pending TX

value - the value that your customer paid

value_forwarded - the value we forwarded to you, after our fee

coin - the coin the payment was made in, one of: ['btc', 'eth', 'bch', 'ltc', 'iota', 'xmr']

pending - whether the transaction is pending, if false means it's confirmed

plus, any values set on $params when requesting the address, like the order ID.


From here you just need to check if the value matches your order's value.

Checking the logs of a request


require 'vendor/autoload.php'; // Where your vendor directory is

$ca = new CryptAPI\CryptAPI($coin, $my_address, $callback_url, $parameters);
$data = $ca->check_logs();

Same parameters as before, the $data returned can be checked here:


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