Demonstrate usage of CipherDB, CipherObject and CipherStor
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Crypteron Sample Applications.sln

Crypteron .NET Sample Applications

This is the Crypteron .NET Sample Applications repository to demonstrate usage of CipherDB, CipherObject and CipherStor in a quick and easy manner. Each plugin has it's own little sample application.

Looking for Java sample applications? You can find them at

How do I run this?

  1. Clone this repository :)
  2. Open the Crypteron Sample Applications.sln file in Visual Studio, say Visual Studio 2015
  3. You'll see multiple sample apps (i.e. multiple projects) and each demonstrates a particular plugin (e.g. Crypteron CipherDB or CipherObject)
  4. Get the AppSecret from your Crypteron Dashboard and plug that back into your web.config or app.config

For example if using the ConsoleCipherDb-EF-DbFirst sample app, open its App.config and look for following to put your AppSecret in

    <myCrypteronAccount appSecret="Replace_this_with_app_secret_from_" />

But how do I get the AppSecret?

  1. Signup at It's free!
  2. The wizard kicks off to help create your first app (or just hit 'Add New App')
  3. Click on the app and hit 'show' for AppSecret

Got more info?

Sure! Check out the documentation for the philosophy behind and guidance on Crypteron's developer friendly data-security platform.