Crypteron Sample Java Applications for CipherDB and CipherStor
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This is the Crypteron Java Sample Applications repository to demonstrate usage of CipherDB, CipherObject and CipherStor in a quick and easy manner.


You may have to place your JDK and Maven bin directories in your path and set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to the root of your JDK install. Some installations with automatically do this for you.

Getting Started

  1. Read the documentation
  2. Signup at
  3. Get the AppSecret off your My Crypteron Dashboard and plug that back into your src/main/resources/
  4. Run the samples For example,
    • CipherDB sample on Windows: runSampleApp.cmd
    • CipherDB sample on Linux/Mac: ./
    • CipherStor sample app: ./ cipherstor-sample


  • On Oracle's Java, if you receive this error Illegal key size then you need to install the Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy JAR files available from

    • There is a README.txt file within the downloaded .zip file that has instructions on how to install the Unlimited Strength files. If you have the JDK and JRE installed, you'll need to copy into the JRE ($JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security) instead of the JDK ($JAVA_HOME/lib/security).
    • None of this is relevant with the OpenJDK, which doesn't have such restrictions to begin with.
  • If Crypteron complains about Unable to parse the crypteron.appSecret, make sure you've copied the AppSecret properly in Step 3 of the Getting Started section above