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# Rabbit's sample rippled configuration file is provided as is, without any
# warranties or guarantees.
# Default file location: /etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg
# Additional documentation:
# Fully documented .cfg file:
# My guide for installing & configuring rippled nodes:
# You are welcome to contact me via Twitter: @rabbitkickclub
port_wss_admin # Comment if you don't want to allow websocket connections
port_peer # Don't enable peer protocol on validating nodes
ssl_key = /etc/ssl/rippled/rippled.key # Path to key for encrypted connections
ssl_cert = /etc/ssl/rippled/rippled.crt # Path to cert
# You can use this command to generate a self-signed key/cert pair:
# openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -days 3650 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout /etc/ssl/rippled/rippled.key -out /etc/ssl/rippled/rippled.crt
port = 5005
ip =
admin =
protocol = http
port = 443 # rippled listens on this port.
ip = # Local address rippled listens on
admin =, # Remote address that are allowed to run admin commands
protocol = wss # Change to "ws" if not using SSL
[port_peer] # Comment/disable this section on validating nodes
ip =
port = 51235
protocol = peer
#You can configure additional public/admin connections by adding a variable
#name under "[server]" and then defining a new section
[ips] # Tell rippled where it can find the rest of the network 51235
# Validators in clusters should have the IP addresses of stock nodes they are clustered
# with under "[ips]", as their connections should be restricted to cluster mates.
# The following three sections are only used when clustering w/ other rippled nodes
[ips_fixed] # Put the IP addresses of other nodes in the cluster here 51235
#Update this to list the IP addresses and peer-protocol ports
#of any other nodes that this server is clustered with.
[node_seed] # Used to identify this node to others in the cluster
# Paste private key from validation_create here
# Do not put seeds generated by other nodes in this section.
# These keys also come from the "validation_create" command run on other nodes
# Do not put keys generated by this node in this section.
#change this to "1" if this is a validating node that is also clustered.
#If you change this to "1", you must have at least one address under "[ips_fixed]".
tiny # Change to "medium", "large", or "huge" if you have extra memory.
30000 # How many past ledgers will be stored. This must be <= to online_delete.
# Typically this will be lower for validating nodes
[fetch_depth] # Number of past ledgers the node will serve to others
1000 # This should be at least 256. Lower is probably better for validators
/etc/opt/ripple/validators.txt # Edit this file to change your node's UNL
online_delete=30000 # Auto delete ledgers older than this, to avoid running out of disk space
advisory_delete=0 # "0" = automatic delete; "1" = only delete with permission
# If "advisory_delete" is set to "1", run "can_delete" to purge old ledgers
path=/var/lib/rippled/db/shard # Shard database location
max_size_gb=10 # Max disk space to allocate to shards
# If you have extra storage space, use this section to enable history sharding.
# Info on sharding here:
# To conserve resources, comment/disable sharding on validators.
# Set 'ledger_history' and 'online_delete' to 32768 or higher to maximize
# efficiency if ledgers stored via ledger history are chosen for a shard.
{ "command": "log_level", "severity": "error" }
#Uncomment the following section to enable voting. Adjust values (in drops) as desired.
#reference_fee = 10
#account_reserve = 20000000
#owner_reserve = 5000000
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