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Tool for retrieving and parsing published xrpl UNLs
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This library retrieves and parses published Unique Node Lists (UNLs), such as the UNL published at It consists of two functions - one to retrieve and parse the UNL, and the second to encode the resultant public validation keys using rippled's base58 alphabet.

A JSON object that includes a list of base58 encoded public validation keys is returned.

Required Packages

requests - Used to retrieve the encoded UNL


This has been tested in Python versions 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7. Feedback on testing with earlier versions is appreciated.

from parse_unl import unl_parser

KEYS = unl_parser(ADDRESS)

A JSON object is returned with the following keys:

  • status: Either Error or Success.
  • error: Empty string if no error, or error details.
  • http_code: Returns the http code as an integer, if it is available.
  • public_validation_keys: Returns a list of parsed keys, or an empty list if an error is encountered.
  • expiration: UNL expiration date (Unix Epoch).

Limitations and Future Development

The script does not verify the signature for the UNL manifest. Hopefully this will be available in a future version.

Known Validator List Sites





Visit me at or on Twitter @rabbitkickclub.


Special thanks to Alloy for his invaluable input and assistance testing!

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