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Merge PR #206: Allow headlines in code comments

* updated the source code so headlines can now be in comments
* updated comment in contributing
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mariari authored and cwgoes committed Nov 25, 2019
1 parent a036af6 commit e2f88db44a5efc348746b7c5cf9fde812d7cec2a
Showing with 28 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 doc/
  2. +24 −11 scripts/generate.lisp
@@ -13,8 +13,10 @@ Add a brief description of any module you create before the module definition.
This can be placed before or after (more idiomatically) after file specific pragmas.
Much like haddock, the comments must begin with `--|` as the first comment and `--` for the consecutive lines.

The comment formatting follows [org formatting](, Just note that
one should avoid adding headlines (* at the start of the line) as to avoid conflicts in generation.
The comment formatting follows [org formatting](

Adding headlines to code is also allowed, nesting the headline inside the current headline level while also putting `Relies on`
before any nested directories

Also try to keep each comment line below 82 characters long, breaking the line into a second line at the same indentation level
and on the next line will not newline any generation from the org file itself.
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
;; converting the conflict-map to a haskell one
(defun generate-headlines (file-info conflict-map level &optional (name "Juvix"))
(let* ((lines (uiop:read-file-lines (file-info-path file-info)))
(comments (module-comments lines))
(comments (module-comments lines level))
(imports (import-generation
(haskell-import-to-org-alias (relevent-imports lines name)
@@ -118,9 +118,15 @@
(just-val (file-info-alias file-info))))
(pathname-name (file-info-path file-info)))
(cons headline
(append comments imports))))
(inner-headline (position "*" comments :test #'uiop:string-prefix-p)))
(if inner-headline
(let ((comments-before (subseq comments 0 inner-headline))
(comments-after (subseq comments inner-headline)))
(cons headline
(append comments-before imports comments-after)))
(cons headline
(append comments imports)))))

(defun import-generation (org-aliases &optional (indent-level 0))
"generates a list where each line is a new line with proper org generation"
@@ -211,20 +217,27 @@ that match the project name"
;; Haskell comment clean up
;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun module-comments (file-lines)
(defun module-comments (file-lines &optional (level 0))
(let* ((module-comments
(remove-if (lambda (x)
(or (uiop:string-prefix-p "{-#" x) (equal "" x)))
(take-until (lambda (x) (uiop:string-prefix-p "module" x)) file-lines)))
(take-until (lambda (x) (uiop:string-prefix-p "module" x)) file-lines)))
(special (car module-comments))
(valid-module (if special
(uiop:string-prefix-p "-- |" special)
(if valid-module
(remove-if #'uiop:emptyp
(cons (strip-haskell-comments special t)
(mapcar #'strip-haskell-comments (cdr module-comments))))
(flet ((update-headline-level (line)
(if (uiop:string-prefix-p "*" line)
(concatenate 'string
(repeat-s level "*")
(if valid-module
(remove-if #'uiop:emptyp
(mapcar #'update-headline-level
(cons (strip-haskell-comments special t)
(mapcar #'strip-haskell-comments (cdr module-comments)))))

(defun strip-haskell-comments (line &optional start-doc)
(subseq line (min (if start-doc 5 3) (length line))))

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