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cwgoes committed Jul 5, 2019
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Juvix is an experimental research language for writing efficient, safe, and composable smart contracts.

For details, see [the whitepaper](./doc/whitepaper.pdf).
For details, see [the language reference](./doc/language-reference.pdf).

## Caveats

@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ No warranty is provided or implied.

Backends for the EVM, WASM, Michelson, and LLVM are planned but not yet implemented.

## Contributing

See [](./doc/

## Installation

Install with ([Stack]( required):
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all: whitepaper
all: language-reference

whitepaper: whitepaper.pdc whitepaper.bib
pandoc --pdf-engine=xelatex --filter pandoc-citeproc --bibliography=whitepaper.bib --csl=de-buck.csl --mathjax --toc --number-sections -o whitepaper.pdf whitepaper.pdc
language-reference: language-reference.pdc language-reference.bib
pandoc --pdf-engine=xelatex --filter pandoc-citeproc --bibliography=language-reference.bib --csl=de-buck.csl --mathjax --toc --number-sections -o language-reference.pdf language-reference.pdc

.PHONY: all whitepaper
.PHONY: all language-reference
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
## Juvix Documentation

See [the whitepaper](whitepaper.pdf)
See [the language reference](language-reference.pdf)

### Building

Built with [Pandoc](

To update, edit [whitepaper.pdc](whitepaper.pdc), then rebuild the document:
To update, edit [language-reference.pdc](language-reference.pdc), then rebuild the document:


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