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Discussions on Tezos Upgrades
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Tezos On-chain Governance

This repository's aim is to become a signaling platform for, but not limited to, Cryptium Labs' Bakery delegators. Delegators or community members can use this platform to address their comments, concerns or inquire for more information regarding an ongoing governance process or upcoming proposals.

How Will This Repository Be Used?

This repository is complementary to our On-chain Governance Policy. Whenever a relevant proposal is submitted, this repository will be updated as follows:

  1. A new issue will be created and can be found under Issues
  2. The issue will be open / closed / reopened, following the steps in the policy. For instance, it will be closed after the vote has been casted Phase I: Proposal [Step 4]. And reopened for Phase II: Exploration [Step 2].
  3. Once an instance of on-chain governance is concluded, the closed issue will be transcribed into a Markdown file and added to the /archive folder.
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