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Package wslog implements a ( and a (net/http).Handler
The Handler upgrades requests to websocket connections and registeres them with the backend.
The Backend copies log records to all registerd clients.
package wslog
import (
// formattedRec extends a record with it's formatted Message
type formattedRec struct {
Msg string
// WebsocketBackend is a Hub-like Backend that copies log messages to listening connections
type WebsocketBackend struct {
connections map[*websocketConn]bool // registered connections
broadcast chan *formattedRec // sends on this
register chan *websocketConn // register requests from the connections.
unregister chan *websocketConn // unregister requests from connections.
upgrader *websocket.Upgrader // elevates a normal http request to a websocket connection
// NewBackend creates a new WebsocketBackend.
func NewBackend() *WebsocketBackend {
wb := &WebsocketBackend{
broadcast: make(chan *formattedRec),
register: make(chan *websocketConn),
unregister: make(chan *websocketConn),
connections: make(map[*websocketConn]bool),
// TODO(cryptix): configure sizes?
upgrader: &websocket.Upgrader{ReadBufferSize: 1024, WriteBufferSize: 1024},
return wb
// run does the event handling
func (b *WebsocketBackend) run() {
for {
select {
// add new connections to the pool
case c := <-b.register:
b.connections[c] = true
// remove connections from the pool
case c := <-b.unregister:
if _, ok := b.connections[c]; ok {
delete(b.connections, c)
// copy records to every connected client
case rec := <-b.broadcast:
for c := range b.connections {
select {
case c.send <- rec:
default: // remove connection if send fails
delete(b.connections, c)
// Log implements the logging.Backend interface. It broadcasts Records to the registerd connections
func (b *WebsocketBackend) Log(level logging.Level, calldepth int, rec *logging.Record) error {
// format here to not loose original calling information
b.broadcast <- &formattedRec{
Record: *rec,
Msg: rec.Formatted(calldepth + 1),
return nil
// ServeHTTP implements net/http.Handler.
// upgrades the request to a websocket connection
// if successfull, registers it with the backend
func (b *WebsocketBackend) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
ws, err := b.upgrader.Upgrade(w, r, nil)
if err != nil {
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Upgrade Error: %v\n", err)
// TODO(cryptix): configure sizes?
c := &websocketConn{
send: make(chan *formattedRec, 10),
ws: ws,
// (un)register onto the hub
b.register <- c
defer func() { b.unregister <- c }()
// do the i/o
go c.writer()
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