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  DeFi Desktop Wallet

Warning DeFi Desktop Wallet is currently in the beta development phase and subjects to changes. Before proceeding, please be aware of the following:

  • Do not transfer any ERC20 tokens to addresses generated by this sample code as it can cause loss of funds.
  • is not liable for any potential damage, loss of data/files arising from the use of the wallet.

Latest releases

Please refer to the release page for the latest released version.


Please abide by the Code of Conduct in all interactions, and the contributing guidelines when submitting code.

Multi-Language Content Management

Please refer to the Instructions on Multi-Language Content Management for any content updates.


Apache 2.0

Manual Build for Development


This project requires Node.js to build, .node-version indicates the version currently using.

You can either install Node.js globally or use any of the Node Version Manager which respect .node-version in this list.


yarn install

Installs all the needed dependencies

Development & Builds Processes

Web Target 🌐

yarn start

The command above runs the app as a normal web app in development, deployed at http://localhost:3000/

yarn build

Builds an optimized web distributable output for the repository.

The final output build should be ready to be deployed like any normal react web app. The /build folder is ready to be deployed 🚀

Electron Target 💻

# Use webpack
yarn electron:dev

# Or use Vite(faster)
yarn vite:dev

Runs the Electron app in the development mode.

The Electron app will reload if you make edits in the electron directory. You will also see any lint errors in the console.

yarn electron:build

Builds the Electron app package for production to the dist folder.

The app is ready to be distributed!