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@tomtau tomtau released this Feb 24, 2020


February 24, 2020

This release contains a hotfix for two client issues in the 0.3.0 release (the binaries for chain-abci, enclaves, and dev-utils remain the same).

Bug Fixes

  • client 1117: lightweight verification may fail with blocks with multiple transactions due to a different order of txids in btreemap
  • client 1118: incorrect fee estimation
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@tomtau tomtau released this Feb 16, 2020 · 279 commits to master since this release


This release's tarball contains two chain-abci binaries:

  • chain-abci that's built with the same compiler version as the current Teaclave SGX SDK-based enclaves (nightly-2019-11-25) in the debug mode
  • chain-abci-experimental that's built using the latest stable version (1.41.0) in the release / optimised mode

February 16, 2020

This release fixes some of the main issues discovered during the testnet 0.2 operation and implements
various improvements, notably deployment is simplified through major parts of ADR-001 being implemented.


Breaking changes

  • client 723 830: uses argon2 function for its internal storage key derivation.
  • client 976 Missing MultiSig pubkey methods in ClientRPC and ClientCLI
    -- Rename client-rpc method wallet_newMultiSigAddressPublicKey to multiSig_newAddressPublicKey
  • client 1035: querying public information doesn't require a wallet name / passphrase
  • chain-abci 982: a different reward formula + paramater renaming in genesis.json
  • ADR-001 1073: tx-validation-app subsumed by chain-abci and sealed transaction payloads are stored in chain-abci's storage


  • client 695: export and import transaction -- transactions that do not include receiver's view key can be exported, giving a base64 encoded plain transaction string which can be imported by the receiver.
  • client 916: wallet delete API
  • client 921: high-level deposit transaction workflow (note it has a bug pending to be fixed)
  • client 1058: transaction details display


  • client 736: more details in abci query errors
  • client 701: tracking of utxo status after a transaction broadcast
  • client 842: waiting for tendermint node to catch up before syncing
  • client 841: not entering duplicate view keys in transaction metadata
  • client 848: transaction type shown in history
  • client 928: addresses sorted in creation order
  • client 959: extra details in client-cli help messages
  • client 1051: warning for potentially outdated information in client-cli
  • chain-abci 843: sanity check for historical state querying
  • chain-abci 875: arguments can be read from a yaml file
  • chain-abci 1055: different log levels for missing liveness tracking information
  • chain-tx-enclave 740: more logging
  • chain-tx-enclave 836: retries for IAS in tx-query
  • chain-tx-enclave 931: checking required environment variables are set in tx-query
  • chain-tx-validation 845: more descriptive error message for non-existant accounts

Bug Fixes

  • client 969: client-cli incorrect fee display in history
  • client 995: pending balance amount fixed for deposits
  • chain-abci 1008: unbonded or unjailed validator cannot rejoin the validator set
  • chain-abci 933: unbonding any amount removes a validator
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@tomtau tomtau released this Jan 3, 2020 · 504 commits to master since this release

January 3, 2020

This hotfix release patches the client with the fixes for bugs discovered in the 0.2.0 release
(the binaries for chain-abci, enclaves, and dev-utils remain the same).


Bug Fixes

  • client 734: client-cli sync hangs after sync complete
  • client 735: websocket rpc method id may overlap
  • client 737: block id field in vote could be empty


  • client 736: unclear client error message when tx-query not set
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@tomtau tomtau released this Dec 20, 2019 · 504 commits to master since this release

December 20, 2019

This release fixes some of the bugs discovered in deployment of v0.1 and is based on the released 1.1.0 version
of Rust SGX SDK (0.1.0 used a beta version of 1.1.0).


Breaking changes

  • client 703: HD wallet generate view key with a different account index.


  • dev-utils 692: dev-utils init command logs error when it goes wrong
  • client 698: watch-only mode
  • client 700: client prints all environment variables in help
  • client 705: client rejects weak passphrases based on zxcvbn score

Bug Fixes

  • chain-abci 704: app hash was changing in v0.1 even though app state didn't change
  • client 694: trusted state serialization is symmetric
  • dev-utils 703: generating correct app hashes
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@tomtau tomtau released this Dec 17, 2019

December 17, 2019

The release is a more complete alpha version meant to be deployed on the second iteration of the public testnet.
There are no guarantees on future API and binary compatibility at this stage.



  • chain-abci: early punishment logic -- validators that do not maintain liveness or exhibit Byzantine faults are punished
    by having their respective account states jailed and their associated stake slashed. Slashing amount
    depends on the configurable network parameter as well as how many validators are being punished at the same time. Unjailing can happen manually using a special transaction type (UnjailTx).
  • chain-abci: early reward distribution logic -- fees and emissions (using an exponential decay) from the initial rewards pool are periodically distributed to validators.
  • chain-abci: dynamic validator set -- new validator nodes can join the validator set by sending a special transaction type (NodeJoinTx).
  • chain-abci: more complete and flexible genesis configuration -- the genesis file now contains the network parameters guarding the punishment and rewards logic, and the initial distribution is more flexible (e.g. amounts can be unbonded from a custom time instead of a genesis time).
  • chain-tx-enclave: transaction workflows -- basic flows around transaction data confidentiality are sketched out in the client and validation and query enclaves (broadcasted transactions are encrypted with a static mock key; client can connect to an enclave over a remotely attested TLS connection and query transactions that were previously sealed on that node).
  • client: HD-wallet -- using the standardized BIP44 derivations and BIP39 mnemonics.
  • client: early lite verification -- block-level lite client verification using an early tendermint-rs implementation and basic app hash checking

Bug Fixes

  • 365 Creating a transfer address also creates a staking address
  • a lot of others, but as we didn't maintain this changelog, it'd take ages to list them all :/


  • quite a few improvements in client, e.g. not signing every intermediate transaction used in fee estimation

Breaking changes

  • client: internals changed a lot: many dependency bumps + a different storage schema
  • chain-abci: app state format changes in genesis.json + storage format
  • chain-tx-enclave: changes in enclave-protocol and in EDL

Known Limitation

  • (compile-time) static mock key for transaction obfuscation
  • many other things (e.g. full node synchronization needs to happen from genesis, no UTXO commitments)
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@tomtau tomtau released this Sep 13, 2019

September 12, 2019

A quick bug fix on top of 0.0.2


Bug fixes

  • 373 client-index auto-sync didn't work correctly

September 11, 2019

A small patches (mainly dependency bumps) to the released version



  • 360 command to remove a wallet from client-rpc auto-sync

Bug fixes

  • 368 client-cli can select the network via an environment variable for address display


  • 364 fewer logs in client-rpc
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Sep 11, 2019
  • v0.0.1
  • 4471383
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  • v0.0.1
  • 4471383
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@tomtau tomtau released this Sep 6, 2019 · 17 commits to release/v0.0 since this release

Linux only

The release is an incomplete alpha version meant to be deployed on the first iteration of the public testnet. There are no guarantees of future API and binary compatibility at this stage.


  • initial genesis procedure based on one-off snapshotting the ERC20 contract state and several allocation mentioned in the original whitepaper
  • initial rewards pool
  • initial configurable linear fee scheme
  • initial basic network operations related to bonded stake management
  • sketched out obfuscated transaction format
  • transaction binary payloads use SCALE codec
  • transaction validation in enclaves isolated in a separate process reached via a 0MQ socket
  • threshold multi-signature support using Merkle trees of combined public keys and the Schnorr MuSig scheme
  • client library "backend" support for transfers, multi-signatures and staking operations

Known Limitation

Far too many to list them all (e.g. a validator set fixed at genesis or temporarily mocked transaction privacy) :)

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