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Wallet Software

There is an offline paper wallet dcraddreg.exe that has to be build from this repo using the Go language.

As online wallet, use the Decredition wallet, download it here

Offline Address Generation

  1. In a commandline, run the dcraddrgen.exe.
  2. Register the seed and the Hex version of the seed.
  3. Save the text file.
  4. Open it and register the first address and the extended public key

Using the address online

  1. Open the Decredition wallet and choose New Wallet.
  2. Think of a username.
  3. Choose Restore
  4. Enter the seed or the Hex version and think of a private passphrase.
  5. Click on Create Wallet
  6. Wait for the wallet to sync.
  7. Use the passphrase and click Scan to scan the blockchain
  8. When finished, click on Transactions
  9. Use Send
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