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Wallet Software

For NEM we use the NanoWallet

For Linux

  1. Download it
  2. After downloading, check the checksum with openssl sha -sha256
  3. Expand the ZIP

For Windows:

  1. Download the Checksum program at:
  2. After downloading the checksum program, install it in C:\Windows\System32\
  3. Download the NEM wallet
  4. CMD as admin= C:\Windows\System32\CertUtil -hashfile ...\ SHA256
  5. Expand the ZIP

Offline Address Generation

We don't use the BIP32 feature but create the addresses with a separate private key each.

Following steps:

  1. Start the wallet by loading the index.html from the wallet distro in a browser.
  2. The private key, public key and public address show up. Register them.
  3. Refresh the screen for new keys

Using the Address online

  1. Start the wallet by loading start.html from the NanoWallet distro
  2. Select Signup and click Private Key Wallet
  3. Enter a wallet name and a password, memorize it.

Cold Transaction Signing

There is possibility using this project. It works with Groovy.

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