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Installing libsodium

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RbNaCl is an FFI wrapper for libsodium, a portable repackaging of NaCl. You will need libsodium installed or RbNaCl will not work.

This page contains information on how to install libsodium on various platforms.


  • Visit
  • Downloaded latest pre-built binary e.g.
  • Extract the .zip file and locate an appropriate DLL file, e.g. libsodium-1.0.16-msvc\x64\Release\v141\dynamic\libsodium.dll
  • Copy libsodium.dll into C:\Windows\System32


  • Install Homebrew
  • Run brew install libsodium


You will either need to compile libsodium from source or install an appropriate package for your distribution:


Debian (stretch)

NOTE: packages for other Debian releases are available

  • apt-get install libsodium18

Ubuntu (xenial 16.04 LTS)

  • apt-get install libsodium18
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