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A Prosody module to implement web registrations, ported to git
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  • 'Stage-Alpha' summary: A web interface to register user accounts ...


There are various reasons to prefer web registration instead of "in-band" account registration over XMPP. For example the lack of CAPTCHA support in clients and servers.


mod_register_web has Prosody serve a web page where users can sign up for an account. It implements reCaptcha to prevent automated sign-ups (from bots, etc.).


The module is served on Prosody's default HTTP ports at the path /register_web. More details on configuring HTTP modules in Prosody can be found in our HTTP documentation.

To configure the CAPTCHA you need to supply a 'captcha_options' option:

    captcha_options = {
      recaptcha_private_key = "12345";
      recaptcha_public_key = "78901";

The keys for reCaptcha are available in your reCaptcha account, visit for more info.

If no reCaptcha options are set, a simple built in captcha is used.


Copy the files in mod_register_web/templates/ to a new directory. Edit them, and set register_web_template = "/path/to/your/custom-templates" in your config file.


0.10 Works 0.9 Works 0.8 Doesn't work


Different CAPTCHA implementation support

Collection of additional data, such as email address

The module kept simple!

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