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[ v2.1 ]

- MobileMiner support. Can be enabled via Settings.
- Added app specific way to zoom in/out
    - Zoom Out:     CTRL + <
    - Zoom In:      CTRL + >
    - Reset Zoom:   CTRL + /
- Added manual update check in Settings page
- Added New Zealand Dollar as a Fiat option in wallets
- Added current FIAT price of a coin
- NOMP now detects the coin being mined for a specific address. Useful for profit-switching pools
- Pools have Offline mode. If no data is returned, or fails to connect, it is "offline"

- [+POOL] AntPool
- [+POOL] BitMinter
- [+POOL] Burst.Ninja
- [+POOL] BitcoinCZ aka Slush
- [+POOL] NiceHash/WestHash
- [+POOL] P2Pool

- [+POOL] NiceHash/WestHash
- [+POOL] BitcoinCZ aka Slush
- [+POOL] AntPool
- [+POOL] BitMinter
- [+POOL] P2Pool

- [+Algorithm] Blake-256
- [+Algorithm] Groestl
- [+Algorithm] Jackpot
- [+Algorithm] Lyra2RE
- [+Algorithm] Neos-Blake
- [+Algorithm] NeoScrypt
- [+Algorithm] WHIRL
- [+Algorithm] X17

- [+COIN] Burstcoin
- [+COIN] DogeCoin Dark

- Changed from to
- Fixed issue with Bitcoin Affiliate Network saving an empty name/label
- Fixed incorrect reporting of rejected share warning
- Added permission checking to the update process
- Fixed permissionfix script, should correctly set permissions on parent folder
- Fixed issue with pools not loading sometimes
- Added round duration to CKPool
- Fixed incorrect BTC Guild pool hashrate
- Fixed incorrect BTC Guild worker count
- Removed useless BTC column when looking at a BTC wallet
- Update page will now display correctly for those with slow connections
- Attempt to fix issue where the does not delete in some cases
- Fixed issue where offline rigs would randomly appear/disappear in the overview panel
- Fixed issue with Antpool on Windows
- Fixed issue when using only 1 rig
- Padded the time-out for users with 60+ rigs
- Fixed issue with Linux users who do not have posix installed

- Users with lots of rigs may experience a long start-up time
- Miner Failover may report incorrect active pool
- Wallets can take a long time to load

[ v2.0.2 ]

- If rejected shares are greater than accepted shares, rig status appears red (requires attention)

- Windows App Update alert - This is a critical update for windows users who have external access enabled (eg web browser)
- Fixed issue where Active Pool was sometimes displaying as "--"
- Fixed login screen alerts on first login + login failure

[ v2.0.1 ]

- Fixed issue with rig settings when upgrading v1 to v2
- Added more data to the Eligius pool panel

[ v2.0 ]

- Total Hashrates are now categorized by Rig Algorithms used
- Enable/Disable Total Hashrate via Tools dropdown
- New ability to edit Rigs and Pools
- Re-amped Rig summary and device details (percentages, etc)
- New Rig Details - Cleaner interface
- Ability to drag+drop pool priority for a rig
- Auto-Restart on BITMAIN asic failure (chain contains "x" instead of "0")
- Rig devices have two more types of details showing:
BITMAIN Asic fan speed (fan 1, fan 2, fan 3, etc)
BITMAIN Asic temperatures (temperature 1, temperature 2, temperature 3, etc)
- Rigs have a new option for Algorithm
- Rigs Algorithm is auto-set when using sgMiner v5+
- Ability to reset rig stats
- Ability to reset rig stats on pool change
- New FIAT conversions for most coins (Thanks to FunkyC:
- New debug command to see raw miner data: CTRL + D

- [+POOL] Bitcoin Affiliate Network (
- [+POOL] CkPool
- [+POOL] Eligius
- [+POOL] MagicPool
- [+POOL] Multipool.Us

- [+COIN] NeosCoin
- [+COIN] ReddCoin
- [+COIN] XPY - PayCoin | Note: Using ZenCloud or PayBase address may display balance of 0

- Rewrote all Wallet handling + UI Updates
- If rig update time > 3 seconds, Rig summary would take an extended amount of time to appear
- Updated Rigs Pool page. Usability was greatly improved. Added ability to enable/disable/add/edit/remove pools.
- Device settings attempt to save. Mainly a GPU feature as frequencies for asics are almost impossible to do remotely.
- If no frequency is found for a device, it displays "Unknown" and is not changeable.
- Fixed issue with API calls when connection to a pool fails.
- Bumped up code timeout to 2 minutes. This addresses API calls from pools and wallets
- Updated Toast messages to make notices easier to read
- Settings Page - clicking App Updates red/green button does not work
- Changelog ICON changed
- Navigation dropdowns would close while using elements inside it.
- [POOL] MPOS network hashrate was incorrect. API returns deca instead of hecto

[ v1.1.0 ]

- New Auto-Updater functionality! Keep on top of the latest features and fixes that we add.
- New "Release", "Beta", "Nightly" options for the cG version stability you choose
- Configurable Hardware Error warnings
- Added more update time interval options
- For first-time/fresh-install users, more alerts appear to help with setup
- [+POOL] Eclipse MC (
- [+POOL] SimpleCoin
- [+COIN] ContinuumCoin (CTM) (

- Hardware Errors preference/value not set on first load
- Fixed hashrate inconsistency with API
- Resolved user_data folder not being found in certain cases
- Improved session performance
- Decimal place rounding for cgminer accepted/rejected
- Active navbar link display states
- Github repo URL in Update Available alert was incorrect