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# This file passes the content of the file in the same directory
# through the Markdown filter. You can adapt this sample code in any way
# you like.
# PHP Markdown Lib Copyright © 2004-2013 Michel Fortin
# All rights reserved.
# Install PSR-0-compatible class autoloader
require preg_replace('{\\\\|_(?!.*\\\\)}', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, ltrim($class, '\\')).'.php';
# Get Markdown class
use \Michelf\Markdown;
# Read file and pass content through the Markdown parser
$text = file_get_contents('');
$html = Markdown::defaultTransform($text);
$jsArray = array();
<!-- ### Below is the Settings page which contains common/site-wide preferences
<div id="help-wrap" class="container sub-nav full-content">
<div class="markdown-body">
<div id="readme" class="panel panel-default panel-no-grid">
<h1>Help + FAQs</h1>
<div class="panel-heading">
<h2 class="panel-title"><i class="icon icon-document"></i></h2>
<div class="panel-body panel-body-markdown">
# Put rendered README markdown in the document
echo $html;
<!-- /container -->
<?php require_once("includes/footer.php"); ?>
<!-- /page-container -->
<?php require_once("includes/scripts.php"); ?>
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