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Privacy for Journalists website content


To host your own website, you will need the followings:

  • LAMP server
  • Grav CMS
  • The initial Grav content in the user/ directory replaced with the content in this repo


Grav requires the following plugins to be installed for the pages to be rendered properly:

  • admin
  • archives
  • cdn
  • email
  • error
  • external_links
  • featherlight
  • feed
  • form
  • ganalytics
  • login
  • markdown-notices
  • problems
  • readingtime
  • relatedpages
  • simplesearch
  • sitemap
  • socialbuttons
  • taxonomylist
  • toc


Feel free to submit pull requests and we will review and commit them back to the original site


This project is maintained by CryptoAUSTRALIA