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Ethereum smart contracts for Cryptocoin Insurance project
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Cryptocoin Insurance smart contract

Smart contract deployed on Rinkeby test network Smart contract deployed in Ethereum MainNet network
Etherscan Rinkeby, deployed Cryptocoin

Etherscan MainNet, deployed Cryptocoin


Information system consist of one ERC20 - compatible token processing smart contract - Cryptocoin. All tokens intended for distribution are emitted at the time of Cryptocoin smart contract deployment. After deploy all this tokens keeped on single wallet - accICO.

Contracts special metods review

Transfer ownership

Two-step-change-ownership pattern is implemented, where the ownership needs to be claimed.
Current owner (with its key) send 0 ETH transaction with transferOwnership(newOwner), where newOwner is address of new owner.
After that new owner must send 0 ETH transaction with claimOwnership(). The ownership will be finally changed when this second transaction be confirmed.


Contract owner can claim any tokens that transfered to this contract address.


Unit tests for this smart contracts have designed with Truffle framework. Please, use original recommendation for Truffle/node install. All tests are in the ./test folder.

  • for start all truffle tests in the root test folder please clone repository in your folder and then:
 cd ./smartcontracts
 truffle develop  
 truffle test 



There are 2 separate addresses used for these smart contract. Please Prepare 2 Ethereum accounts:

  1. Owner - deploy smart contracts from this address and use for call onlyOwner methods (see source code);
  2. accICO - all tokens for sale; Please, keep secret keys very safely !!!


  1. Deploy Cryptocoin smart contract from Owner account. Specify the appropriate adress(accICO) and totalSupply token amount in the constructor parameters.

Ok - now your smart contract (and coin) ready for long happy life. Good Luck!!!

Used Rinkeby accounts:



2018105 - deployed in mainNet, Tx

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