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Useful crypto coins JavaScript libraries
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Awesome CryptoCoinJS Awesome

Useful crypto coins JavaScript libraries

Mostly this list about bitcoin, but other crypto currencies are welcome!

Please put crypto name in brackets if library intended only for one crypto.

Please use specific category and alphabetical order.

List of content

Main Libraries



  • [bitcoin] copay a multisignature wallet
  • [bitcoin] cc-wallet-core wallet with colored coin support
  • [bitcoin] bitcore-wallet a command line interface Multisig HD Wallet, based on bitcore-wallet-service

Blockchain explorers

Full nodes

  • [bitcoin] bitcore-node full node with extended capabilities using Bitcore and Bitcoin Core
  • [bitcoin] fullnode JavaScript implementation of Bitcoin


  • [bitcoin] bitcore-p2p interface to the bitcoin P2P network for bitcore-lib
  • [bitcoin] bitcore-p2p-cordova interface to the bitcoin P2P network for Cordova/Phonegap apps
  • [bitcoin] bitcoin-net bitcoin networking that works in Node and the browser
  • [bitcoin] bticoin-protocol bitcoin network protocol streams




  • [*] bitcore-ecies a module for bitcore that implements the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES)
  • [*] drbg.js deterministic random bit generators from NIST SP 800-90A
  • [*] ecdsa JavaScript component to Eliptical Curve Cryptography signing and verify
  • [*] ecurve JavaScript component for Eliptical Curve Cryptography
  • [*] elliptic fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography in plain JavaScript
  • [*] secp256k1 node.js bindings and pure JS implementation



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