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Awesome CryptoKitties Bubble (Anno 2017) - Yes, Cute Little Cartoon Cats on the Blockchain! - Digital collectibles secured on a distributed public database w/ crypto hashes. Learn by Example from the Real World - Buy! Sell! Hodl! Sire!



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A message from the CryptoKitties makers:

You've been permanently banned from participating in r/CryptoKitties. You won't be able to post or comment. Reason: Self-promotion.

Yes, Dapper Labs - the $7.5 billion dollar CryptoKitties gambling operator & promotor - falesly (or is that fraudulently?) claiming it's a "video game with cute-little cartoon cats that you own 100%" - censors this author's public service message. Remember - I do not get paid for updating the awesome pages here. In response to continue posting I've opened-up a new dev channel r/CryptoKittiesDev. Join us.

The Future of Digital Collectibles - CryptoKitties, CryptoPuppies, CryptoPets, CryptoMonsters, CryptoTulips - Latest (and Greatest) Investment Opportunities in Online Casino Gambling - The Future is Meow

  • Fabulous Persian Spock Gerbil Gold Cottoncandy - Extremely rare gen 5 swift virgin | 2.9 ETH
  • Rarity: 0.00264% Gen 5 JAGUAR FABULOUS GOLD DALI!! VIRGIN!
  • Rarity: 0.0015% Princess Bubblegum is now for sale! Gen 12 | Brisk | Virgin | Chartreux | Bubblegum | Otaku | Emeraldgreen | Saycheese | Mauveover | Spock - Starts ETH 20/Ends ETH 10
  • Gold ducat, Gen 5, Virgin, Swift. Very cheap
  • Cheap Gen 1 cute kittie with rare genes! Only 0.125 ETH
  • UNIQUE Virgin Peach Googly Gold Mauveover gen:2 cooldown:1 0.87992% RARE
  • SUPER CHEAP: Gerbil, Ragdoll, Scarlet, Chestnut, Cotton Candy!!! 0.02 ETH (~$14)
  • I'm giving away a Gen 1 FAST Gold for free...

-- CrypotKittiesMarket

Blockchain has unlocked the magic of digital scarcity, and combining that with the power of making the digital goods persistent gives them a potential value that is only limited by how much prestige a wealthy person might place on ownership of the item.

-- Justin Poirier

3 days of up and 19 days of down down down... And the 3 up days were right at the start. Yeah, looking real good.

Nobody wants to pay $300 for a hexadecimal string. That's LITERALLY all you’re buying. All the website does is display a picture of a cat. You're paying hundreds of dollars for a picture of a cat. Let that sink in.

This was a modern tulip bubble. You were buying hex strings that tied to the picture of a cat. People were paying 10-20-30 ETH for a cat picture. 10 ETH was around $4000? For a cat picture. Yeah...

-- CryptoKitties

REMINDER: In the digitial world there are no originals! Every copy is a original and you cannot tell the difference (all 0s and 1s are the same). And, yes, you can always make as many (free) copies as you like (in a free world). Claiming that you can protect your exclusive rights to pixels because the record of ownership is stored in a public database is absurd. Without laws and governments that help you with your rights - the claim is just a meaningless series of 0s and 1s. PS: Do you really own CryptoKitties? (Spoiler: No.) Check your license agreement with DapperLabs - the pixel art license seller - and do NOT get fooled by the record of ownership. You are a licensee and NOT an owner.

From the CryptoKitties License F.A.Q:

Dapper Labs, Inc. created [and owns] the art of your cryptokitty, and it's a big part of our brand. At the end of the day, businesses also need to have the right to make the big decisions [and the big $$$] about how the art gets used in a commercial setting.

We reserve to ourselves the right to make bigger [and bigger] deals to help our business grow [and rake in all the $$$ for ourselves - of course].

Awesome CryptoKitties Bubble (Anno 2017)

A collection about Awesome CryptoKitties (Yes, Cute Little Cartoon Cats) on the Blockchain! and CryptoCopycats - digital collectibles secured on a distributed public databases w/ crypto hashes. Are CryptoPuppies the new CryptoKitties? Contributions welcome.

What's News?

For the latest updates, see CryptoKitties in 2021 & 2020 »


CryptoKitties (Yes, Cute Little Cartoon Cats) on the Blockchain!

Collectible. Breedable. Adorable.

Collect and breed digital cats. Start meow. Buy! Sell! Hold!

Q: What's CryptoKitties? What's the big deal?

CryptoKitties is centered around breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties! Each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you (*); it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

CryptoKitties is built on blockchain technology. You can buy, sell, or trade your CryptoKitty like it was a traditional collectible, secure in the knowledge that blockchain will track ownership securely. But, unlike traditional collectibles, you can breed two CryptoKitties to create a brand-new, genetically unique offspring. It results in something special—just like you!

(*): See Q: Do you really own your CryptoKitties? A: Spoiler: No.

Learn more @, medium: cryptokitties, twitter: CryptoKitties, reddit: CryptoKitties

All I want for Christmas is a CryptoKitty.

-- Kayla Williams

I got a fever. And the only prescription is more CryptoKitties.

-- Eduardo Salazar

My Gen 7 CryptoKitty. The Future is Meow.

-- Anshul Dhawan

Celebrating 100 000 Kitties!

-- CryptoKitties - Dec/5

WikiLeaks now accepts #CryptoKitties as a contribution method. In many jurisdictions you can write them down for tax purposes as an investment. Official WikiLeaks CryptoKitties - Purebred WikiLeaks CryptoKitties arrive in time for Christmas.

-- WikiLeaks

Press Coverage


Note: For official (twice weekly) updates / timeline see

CryptoKitties History

  • 2017 Oct/19 - CryptoKitties alpha test starts at ETH Waterloo (in Ontario, Canada) - an Ethereum hackathon; hundreds of users bred thousands of cats
  • 2017 Nov/22 - CryptoKitties contract scripts uploaded onto the public Ethereum blockchain
  • 2017 Nov/23 - CryptoKitties closed beta starts; one of the top three most active Ethereum contracts within three hours
  • 2017 Nov/28 - CryptoKitties it's official; open to the public - let's wecome everyon to collect, buy, sell, and breed digital cartoon cats on the blockchain
  • 2017 Nov/28 - $4_700 USD kitty sold on day of launch
  • 2017 Nov/30 - 873 users with an average of 15 kitties each; 19_264 CryptoKitties created or bred; over 120 ETH (~$51_000) in transcations within 1 week; 3.5% of ALL Ethereum transactions (2nd contract on the blockchain)
  • 2017 Dec/2 - Highest selling cat - Kitty #1 (Gen 0, Genesis Exclusive) - sold for Ξ 246.9255 ETH (~$114_481.59)
  • 2017 Dec/5 - ~60k registered users; over $5M USD in transactions; CryptoKitties accounts for ~25% of world-wide Ethereum traffic
  • 2017 Dec/6 - Celebrating 100 000 CryptoKitties
  • 2017 Dec/6 - Highest selling cat - Kitty #4 (Gen 0) - sold for Ξ 247.0000 ETH (~$107_816.49)
  • 2017 Dec/7 - Highest selling cat - Kitty #18 (Gen 0) - sold for Ξ 253.3368 ETH (~$110_707.16)
  • 2017 Dec/10 - Celebrating 200 000 CryptoKitties
  • 2017 Dec/12 - 150k+ registered users; $15M USD in transactions
  • 2017 Dec/14 - Celebrating 300 000 CryptoKitties
  • 2017 Dec/21 - WikiLeaks Accepts (Sells) CryptoKittes for Donations
  • 2017 Dec/24 - Celebrating 400 000 CryptoKitties
  • 2018 Feb/14 - Family (breeding "bloodline") jewels (for "mewtations"/mutations) added / live
  • 2018 Feb/19 - Official blog launched
  • 2018 Feb/23 - Fancy Cats now limited edition
  • 2018 Mar/15 - Enhanced cattributes added / live

From the Official CryptoKitties News Blogs

Moving forward, we're going to treat this blog as our source of truth [...] this blog will be how you get the latest in-depth news for everything CryptoKitties.

Who are these fat cats investing in CryptoKitties? The investment is led by Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, two of the world's top venture capital firms...

Big in Greater China? Updates

Upcoming (Planed) Milestones

  • Spring 2018 - The CryptoKitties mobile app starts
  • Early 2018 - CryptoKitties plans to accept dollars, euros and yen or credit cards as soon as possible.
  • November 2018 - The last of the 50_000 Gen 0 CryptoKitties auctioned off to the public; CryptoKitties can now only grow by breeding.

More (Minor) Milestones

  • 2017 Dec/3 - Due to network congestion, we are increasing the birthing fee from 0.001 ETH to 0.002 ETH. This will ensure your kittens are born on time! The extra is needed to incentivize miners to add birthing txs to the chain. Long-term solution will be explored very soon!
  • 2017 Dec/11 - We have dropped the birthing fee from 0.015 ETH to 0.008 ETH. Happy breeding everyone!
  • 2017 Dec/22-24 - Winter CryptoKitties Giveaway Contest
  • 2018 March/13 - Why does our database fall out of sync?

New Traits / Fancies Timeline


  • Dec/20 - New Trait - Serpent - Eye type
  • Dec/20 - New Trait - Alien - Eye type
  • Dec/22 - New Trait - Hintomint - Body color
  • Dec/28 - New Trait - Elk - Discovered in Kitty #422103.
  • Dec/31 - New Trait - Icy - Secondary color (chest color) - white
  • Dec/31 - New Trait - Selkirk - Body type - hair puff with thin tail
  • Dec/31 - New Trait - Flamingo - Secondary color (chest color) - pink
  • Dec/31 - New Trait - Seafoam - Secondary color (chest color) - green
  • Dec/31 - New Fancy - PhuZiqaat - Best guess recipe = chartreux + spock + alien + pouty


  • Jan/3 - New Trait - Thundergrey - Eye color
  • Jan/4 - New Trait - Wonky - Eye type
  • Jan/4 - New Trait - Pumpkin - Eye color
  • Jan/4 - New Trait - Babypuke - Eye color
  • Jan/6 - New Trait - Grim - Mouth type
  • Jan/6 - New Trait - Grimace - Mouth type
  • Jan/6 - New Trait - Neckbeard - Mouth type
  • Jan/6 - New Trait - Stunned - Eye type

Owners / Producers

Axiom Zen (web:, twitter: axiomzenteam, github: axiomzen)

Founded in 2013. Headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada.

Axiom Zen is a venture studio. We specialize in new venture creation - building products and companies at the cutting edge of technology.

Our team of fifty founder-quality engineers, product leads, and designers combine a wealth of experience from fast-growing startups and companies.

CEO: Roham Gharegozlou - twitter: rohamg, angel: roham

We recommend curating your kitties collection and enjoying the game [for life], as opposed to engaging in [get-rich-quick] speculation. #HODL

-- Roham Gharegozlou


Meet the CryptoKitties Makers

(Source: CryptoKittes For Press / Team)

CryptoKitty Team :

  • Mack Flavelle (*) / Product / twitter: mackflavelle, reddit: mackflavelle
  • Arthur Camara (*) / Product and Development / twitter: arthur_camara, reddit: arthurcamara1
  • Dieter Shirley (*)/ Director of Blockchain / twitter: dete73, reddit: dete73, github: dete
  • Fabiano Pereira (*) / Blockchain Contract Scripter / twitter: FlockonUS, reddit: flockonus
  • Benny Giang (*) / Community / twitter: BennyGiang, reddit: nezmoixa
  • Layne LaFrance (*) / Business and Support / twitter: laynelafrance, reddit: laynee77
  • Yasmine Nadery / Marketing
  • Elsa Wilk / Marketing
  • Bryce Bladon / Brand and Communications
  • David Huynh / Design
  • Vivian Hu / Design
  • Guile Twardowski / Art and design
  • Daniela Diaz / Product
  • Nick Salloum / Development
  • Maximiliano Castro / Development
  • Jordan Schalm / Development
  • Fabio Kenji / Development
  • Fabiano Soriani / Development
  • Andrew Burian / Operations

(*): from the Ask the Team Anything on CryptoKitties Reddit

Mack Flavelle came up with the original idea. Mack is the project leader and self-described "fat cat" of CryptoKitties.

If you are going to build consumer [gambling casino] products on the internet [blockchain] then you should not explain why you're using cats, but you should explain why you are not using cats.

-- Mack Flavelle

Special Collector's CryptoKitties

Genesis Kitty #1 (Exclusive Cat) - Sold for 246.926 ETH (~$115 000) on Dec/2

Genes ccac 7787 fa7f afaa 1646 7755 f9ee 4444 6766 7366 cccc eede

{"id": 1, "name": "Genesis", "generation":0,
 "bio":"Greetings, human. I am Genesis. The dogs know me as alpha; the cats know me as omega. To your kind, I am a riddle wrapped in an enigma, first found by a user in Mystery, Alaska. I looked into the void and the void looked back. Then I lost interest. I can’t wait to be your new owner!",
 "owner":{"address":"0x79bd592415ff6c91cfe69a7f9cd091354fc65a18","image":"19","nickname":"Stimpson J. Cat"},


First Xmas Kitty #174756 (Fancy Cat - Mistletoe) - Sold for 2.097 ETH on Dec/10

Genes cdcd 5656 4744 gfg4 66d4 7877 eccf 251j 77k7 222k gddg ddea

{"id":174756, "name":"👑FIRST Mistletoe born!🎄⛄🎅🎁", "generation":8,
 "bio":"Heyo! I'm 👑FIRST Mistletoe born!🎄⛄🎅🎁. All you need to know about me is I hate chocolate with a passion. Some people say I'm the Peter Griffin of the group. This will be an amewsing friendship.",
 "auction":{"id":343464, "type":"sale",
 "owner":{"address":"0xb1690c08e213a35ed9bab7b318de14420fb57d8c","image":"16","nickname":"CK Auction Contract 🌻"},


Ho Ho Ho - First Santa Claus Kitty #275808 (Fancy Cat - Santa Claws) - Sold for 7.258 ETH on Dec/13

{"id":275808,"name":"the First SantaClaws! 🎅","generation":6,
 "bio":"Ciao! I'm the First SantaClaws! 🎅. My friends describe me as raunchy and annoying. When I'm not summoning ghosts, I'm volunteering at the local kitten rescue shelter! I hope you like kitten around as much as I do!",
 "owner":{"address":"0xb1690c08e213a35ed9bab7b318de14420fb57d8c","image":"16","nickname":"CK Auction Contract 🌻"},
 "sire":{"id":235050,"name":"Rare Kitty Kawai!","generation":5,"owner_wallet_address":"0x2f9bfadb9b39e24e6db89e176f7a1d99d6ed9aa8","created_at":"2017-12-11T05:39:27.000Z","image_url":"...","color":"gold","is_fancy":false,"is_exclusive":false,"fancy_type":null,"status":{"is_ready":true,"is_gestating":false,"cooldown":1513236004508}},


Celebrating 100 000 CryptoKitties

Kitty No. 100 000 #100000 - Sold for 0.052 ETH on Dec/6

{"id":100000,"name":"A X","generation":7,
 "bio":"Ugh! I'm A X. I believe that one day cats will rule this planet. I put marmalade on everything. Like, everything: hot dogs, ice cream—everything! Let's pawty!",


Official WikiLeaks CryptoKitties. Purebred WikiLeaks CryptoKitties arrive in time for Christmas.

How it works. Mr. WikiLeaks and Mrs. WikiLeaks are two Generation 0 CryptoKitties. WikiLeaks will keep scarcity by breeding only one kitten per week after the initial Christmas litter of 10 (of which only 8 will be for sale). Kitties can be renamed and resold or gifted by their new owners. Their authenticity can be verified on the blockchain. WikiLeaks CryptoKitties will be auctioned at a variety of prices, starting at the highest bidding price which will decrease over the course of the four day auction or until a buyer acquires the kitty.

Mania to Cooldown

Q: How popular is CryptoKitties?

In December 2017 - CryptoKitties Mania:

CryptoKitties is now the most popular contract on ethereum, accounting for 11 percent of total traffic (transactions).

(Source: CryptoKitties Mania Overwhelms Ethereum Network's Processing, December 4th, 2017)

CryptoKitties make up over 20 percent of all ethereum computations and the app is Ethereum’s most popular by far.

(Source: How CryptoKitties Disrupted the Ethereum Network, December 2017)

In April 2018 - CryptoKitties Cooldown:

The number of active decentralized app (dapp) users [on ethereum] is shockingly low, even for high-profile app like CryptoKitties.

Citing data from DappRadar, Chris McCann reports that CryptoKitties has fewer than 1 000 daily active users (DAU). Granted, interest has sharply declined over the past few months, but he estimates that even at its peak the [CryptoKitties] app likely only had about 14 000 daily users. Neopets, a game to which CryptoKitties is often compared, once had as many as 35 million users.

(Source: CryptoKitties Isn’t as Popular as You Think It Is, April 2018)

(Source: DappRadar, April 2018)

(Source: Roll Dice Club - CryptoKitties - Active Players, April 2018)

Sales Statistics

Date Total Sales Total Unique Kittens Total Sold (ETH) Total Sold ($) Average Sale Price Median Sale Price
Jan/7 255 053 200 336 36 909.83 ETH $18 483 092.57 $72.47 $13.47
Dec/24 224 735 177 043 35 776.17 ETH $17 575 048.39 $78.20 $12.62
Dec/9 97 830 79 233 25 699.86 ETH $12 030 567.96 $122.97 $23.15

(Source: CryptoKitties Sales)

New Kitties / Day:

  • Highest on Dec/10 - 31 642 New Kitties
  • Lowest on Nov/27 - 781 New Kitties

Sales / Day:

  • Highest on Dec/10 - 16 993 Kitties Sold

Average Kitty Price / Day:

  • Highest on Dec/4 - 0.4185 ETH Average / 0.878 ETH Median

(Source: Kitty Explorer Stats)


CryptoKitties marks the beginning of a (massive) digital revolution. To understand why, learn about the blockchain, blockchain, blockchain.

Why we're not doing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by Benny Giang (Axiom Zen, Vancouver, Canada), November 2017

CryptoKitties is not holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Instead, we're offering utility from day one and pursuing a sustainable revenue model based on our games' mechanics.

Cryptokitties @ Wikipedia

CryptoKitties offers something similar to a cryptocurrency: each CryptoKitty is one-of-a-kind, 100% owned by the user, validated through the blockchain, and the value can appreciate or depreciate based on the market. Cryptokitties cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

CryptoKitties & Fun-tier Technologies by Vijay Sundaram, December 2017

These tokens ought to primarily flow to users and partners who participate in a well-designed economy, rather than just speculate on it. Almost by definition this approach will pay off even if the crypto tide goes out.

People are spending $millions on digital cats and here's why it makes sense by Tony Aubé, December 2017 -- Crypto Kitties is about so much more than cats.

The blockchain changes everything we thought we knew about computers. By removing one of the computer's biggest feature - the ability to duplicate information - it opens up computing to a multitude of new, real-world use-cases that would have never been possible before.

KittyHats: Accessories For Your CryptoKitties by Andrew Rangel (CryptoGamer), January 2018 -- Fungible ERC20 assets for your Kitty fashionista

There are accessories ranging from 0.0013 ETH (or $1.72) to Yeezy's shoes which are 1 ETH or (or $1,321). They come in limited quantities and the developers assure there won't be "reprints" or re-releases of the items. [...] Like CryptoKitties, the prices are a problem. The iWatch sticker, which could run them into copyright trouble, is priced at 0.3 ETH or a whopping $396 which is more than a physical Apple Watch.

Zombies eating kitties (or the potential for interoperability in cryptonetworks) by Nick Grossman (Union Square Ventures), March 2018

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies already sound ridiculous to most people, and virtual "real" kittens made out of cryptocurrency take it a step further. [...] On KittyHats - developed independently from CryptoKitties - you can buy a hat for your kitty. Here's the one I bought [a flat brim hat]. What's particularly interesting is that I don't own the hat, my kitty does.

You own the cat. But the cat owns the hat. Cascading unique digital good ownership. Super interesting.

-- Liad Shababo

CryptoKitties - innovative or idiotic? by Melissa Tranfield, March 2018

Will CryptoKitties be the catalyst for widespread public understanding of blockchain, or merely yet another internet gaming fad strapped to this decade's trending technology?

Money, Money, Money $$$

Gambling with CryptoKitties - Welcome to the Casino - Get-Rich-Quick

(Source: CryptoKitties have the digital currency world purring, The San Francisco Chronicle)

How Do the Founder Make Money with CryptoKitties?

  • The founder auctioned off 100 founder gen 0 kitties on startup.
  • The founder auctions off a new gen 0 kitty every 15 minutes until reaching 50 000 gen 0 ktties in November 2018. Note: The auction price gets automatically calculated from the last five sales plus 50%.
  • The founder get a 3.75% cut (no minimum) on every transaction (selling auction, siring auction, etc.) on the official CryptoKitties marketplace.

Note: If you buy kitties you do NOT own the pictures (*) just the 256-bit hex string (on the blockchain), thus, the founder can sell merchandise or license the pictures for profit. What a franchise!

(*): See Q: Do you really own your CryptoKitties? A: Spoiler: No.

How Can You Make Money with CryptoKitties?

No. 1 - Sell your kitties to a greater fool for a higher price!

No. 2 - Put up your kitties for siring (breeding) a new kitty in an auction and earn money for the service! The rarer your kitties traits the higher your service fee income!

No. 3 - Breed your own new kitties and sell to a greater fool for a higher price!


This man has made more money trading CryptoKitties than investing in his individual retirement account (IRA), (Comments) by Shannon Liao, The Verge, December 2017 -- Todd -a 30-year-old -spent 30 ether in total in the casino so far, but his kitty portfolio, at the time of the interview, is worth 99 ether - a hypothetical net gain of $42 321, not considering transaction fees

This User Made 462 Ether ($210 000) In 3 Days Trading CryptoKitties -- get in early and buy (limited) founder cats (only 100 max auctioned off) and sell high to greater fools before the bubble pops

Kitty Bought (Eth) Sold (Eth) Profit (-Fees) Bought Sold
#7 49.21 190.05 +133.71 Dec/3 21:28 Dec/4 19:45
#42 9.86 75.08 +62.41 Dec/3 9:21 Dec/4 8:19
#23 69.14 133.88 +59.71 Dec/4 8:38 Dec/5 7:07
#45 9.84 35.06 +23.90 Dec/3 19:39 Dec/4 7:24
#47 9.84 30.17 +19.19 Dec/3 19:47 Dec/4 6:27
#27 70.46 95.33 +21.29 Dec/4 8:46 Dec/7 13:27
#52 50.15 125.73 +70.87 Dec/6 5:15 Dec/6 6:01
#93 50.32 126.03 +70.98 Dec/6 5:30 Dec/6 7:26
Total 318.84 811.33 +462.06

How we made $100 000+ trading CryptoKitties by Ivan Bogatyy, April 2018 -- get in early and buy low and sell high to greater fools before the bubble pops; follow up with arbitrage and front-running bots

How I Beat CryptoKitties by Robert Durst, April 2018 -- creating thousands of (bot) accounts to fake likes; and of course, with 240,000+ likes, the most liked cat in the casino!

Scams, Scams, Scams - The Art of the Steal

Buyer Beware! Seller Beware! Here Be Dragons!

Scam #1: Selling Fake Labeled Cheap Kittens Expensive to Newbies (First Timers)

It's like selling (fake) cheap Gucci handbags for the expensive Gucci price. Best of both worlds. Buy low, sell high :-). Profit!

Example: I list my gen 15 cat for sale and name it "RARE gen 0 SANTA mom" and new people not yet understanding how things work buy it. That was happening ALOT.

Q: Can you please return the cat names to the breeding screen?

Benny Giang: Cat names was an awesome way to have personality in the marketplace but unfortunately, there were too many people taking advantage and tricking new users.

Scam #2: Fake Services Phishing (Stealing) Your Private Keys (Kitties)

Put up a website that offers to find the perfect soul mate (with machine learing) for siring new kitties with the rarest of the rarest traits. Please enter your private key to get started. Thank you! Now you've got new kitties for free. Profit!

REMINDER: Trading or selling kitties off of the CryptoKitties marketplace can put your account at EXTREMELY HIGH RISK. NEVER expose your private key on any website for any matter at all. If you do so, you put yourself in a vulnerable position!

(Source: CryptoKitties)

Is CryptoKitties a Scam? Is CryptoKitties a Pyramid (Gambling) Scheme? Is CryptoKittes an Online (Gambling) Casino?

First the official answer from the CryptoKitties F.A.Q.:

Q: Is CryptoKitties a scam?

No, this isn’t a scam. Anyone with insider knowledge of CryptoKitties - including our developers - are banned from participating. This is to prevent anyone from using their knowledge of the breeding algorithm to create the most valuable kinds of cat.

Q: Are CryptoKitties like dollars or like stuffed animals?

CryptoKitties are NOT a cryptocurrency. They're more like a crypto collectible. The real-world analogy for a cryptocurrency is dollars or pounds; a crypto collectible’s real world analogy is closer to stuffed animals beanie babys or fine tulip flower bulps.

As dictated by the contract script on the blockchain, any CryptoKitty you own belongs to you (*). Like any product or property you can own, the market price is determined by what a greater fool is ready to pay (depending on demand, scarcity, and only limited by your asking price).

(Source: CryptoKitties F.A.Q.)

(*): Note: See Q: Do you really own your CryptoKitties? A: Spoiler: No.

And here's an independent ("unofficial") answer:

Q: Is CryptoKitties a pyramid (gambling) scheme?

Yes, of course. It's gambling. CryptoKitties is designed on purpose for viral spreading.

With human nature is what it is - fear of missing out of getting-rich-quick and so on - it works everytime like a charm once the hype starts (and prices go up and up).

More and more new greater fools buy more and more 256-bit hex strings (kitties on the blockchain) until in the end running out of new greater fools paying ever higher prices.

Facebook has more than 1 000 000 000+ internet user. CryptoKitties is world-wide. Will CryptoKitties ever run out of new greater fools?

  • Selling a lot of GEN1-3 for less than .2 | Fire Sale
  • Selling all kitties for .45 ETH - 9 kitties, quick cooldowns, early generations, rare traits
  • Selling account with 9 kitties (GEN1 - 2 cats, GEN2 - 5 cats, GEN3 - 2 cats), price = ETH 1.2
  • Selling almost 100 kitties!
  • Sell all my kitties for a great price!
  • Selling whole Account with 10 ultra amur cats. Perfect Starter. (For only 0.25 ETH). Fastest gets it.
  • Selling all kitties for .45 ETH - 9 kitties, quick cooldowns, early generations, rare traits
  • Selling whole account with 18 good kitties (10 amurs, rare traits, 1 fancy, max gen.3-9) - Make me an offer!

-- CryptoKittiesMarket

Q: Is CryptoKitties an online gambling casino?

Gambling vs Investing

Investments are generally not considered gambling when they meet the following criteria:

  • Economic utility
  • Positive expected returns (at least in the long term)
  • Underlying value independent of the risk being undertaken

-- What's Gambling @ Wikipedia

For example, the mixing of genomes when breeding (siring) new kitties is a modern "masqueraded" or fun way to roll a dice or spin a roulette wheel. The betting (wagering) on rare traits is a modern "masqueraded" or fun way of betting (wagering) on lucky numbers.

And, of course, the kitties are a modern "masqueraded" or fun way of casino "funny money" tokens rebranded as digital "virtual" cat collectibles or non-fungible tokens (N.F.T.s).

BEWARE: Gambling is fun and addictive. Winning and losing. Up and down. Treat CryptoKittes as entertainment like casino gambling, sports betting or poker cards playing. Do NOT "invest" trying to get-rich-quick or raise the stakes trying to win back what you have lost, and so on.

Fun, Fun, Fun

CryptoKitties Art

Buy Fine Crypto Kitty Art Paintings (Acryl on Canvas) - Original (*) Modern Art?!

(*): Yes, you really really own the painting.

Everybody is going nuts about CryptoKitties ( including myself ) So, as a painter my madness is reflected in art; so I've started to paint this kitties... lot's of kitties :)

Learn more @, twitter: CryptoKityArt

Questions & Answers


Q: Couldn't CryptoKitties be hosted on many types of databases besides a blockchain?

A: Crypto-collectibles have key properties that proprietary digital collectibles didn't: longevity, code-enforced scarcity and rules, resistance to actions of sponsoring company. Much closer to non-digital collectibles like baseball cards than pre-crypto digital goods.

-- Chris Dixon


Q: Do you really own your CryptoKitties?

A: Spoiler: No.

CryptoKitties are made up of two pieces: the DNA written to the blockchain, and the graphics assembled to represent each CryptoKitty. Axiom Zen owns the graphics, and makes it clear you have no rights to those in their Terms of Use.

-- Greg McMullen

Casino & Gambling / "Market & Investing"

Q: What's the cost of playing?

A: Costs:


  • 3.75% Sales fee. (When you successfully sell or sire a cat on the marketplace.)
  • Gas fees (**). These are transactions fees. Every time you start a transaction on the blockchain, you have to pay the "miners" to run the task. Transactions with gas fees incl.:
    • Buying a cat / hiring a sire.
    • Breeding.
    • Putting a cat up for auction (sell or sire).
    • Taking a cat down from auction (sell or sire). [Note: Note: If you cat doesn't sell, it stays up for auction until you take it down.]

(*): The breeding fee was at first 0.001 ETH. Due to high transaction traffic on the blockchain the founders had to raise the fee because the breeding fee has to be higher than gas fees to birth a new kitty.

(**): The gas fee is shown before you send off a transaction. It is roughly between $0.30 - $3.00 (depending on blockchain traffic).

Q: What's the population? How many gen0 kitties will there be?

A: 50_000 Gen 0 Kitties

  • CryptoKitties started with 100 founder kitties - see #1 (Genesis!) to #100.
  • Every 15 minutes a new gen0 kitty (also known as "clock cat") gets added (that is, 4 gen0 kitties/hour, 96 gen0 kitties/day, 672 gen0 kitties/week) and sold by (dutch) clock auction (*) until reaching a limit of 50_000 in one year (end of November 2018) - see #1001 for first clock cat.

(*): A gen0 kitty's start price is automatically calculated by the average price of the last five kitty sales, plus 50% and sold by a descending clock auction; see Marketplace / Gen 0.

(Source: Statistical Data on CryptoKitties)

Q: What's a clock auction?

It's an auction with an automatically calculated descending price by clock (that is, the prices depends on the time of the purchase). Sellers choose a high opening bid, a minimum closing bid, and a timeframe for the auction to run. Buyers choose their purchase price along that spectrum by purchasing when the price aligns with their perceived value of the CryptoKitty being sold - as long as someone else doesn't buy it befor. Note: Buyers pay gas when they complete a purchase and sellers pay gas to start an auction.

Q: What make's a kitty good?

A: The generation, cooldown speed, traits, and all affect the overall price and desirability of the kitties. Generally, anything gen(eration) 0/1/2/3/4, with fast/swift/snappy/brisk is a good kitty. Rare traits make it even better.

Generation. The best generation of kitty is Gen 0. The lower the generation number, the better starting cooldown the kitty is born with.

When breeding two kitties together, the resulting generation will be one higher than the highest generation parent. For example:

  • If a Gen 0 and Gen 0 breed, the kitten will be Gen 1.
  • If a Gen 5 and Gen 5 breed, the kitten will be Gen 6.
  • If a Gen 0 and a Gen 5 breed, the kitten will be Gen 6.

Cooldowns. Each time a kitty breeds another kitty it needs a period of cooldown time to recover. The cooldown wait time increases every time a kitty breeds until it reaches "catatonic" cooldown, where it will remain.

Note: Cooldowns - fast (1m) › swift (2m·5m) › snappy (10m·30m) › brisk (1h·2h) › plodding (4h·8h) › slow (16h·24h) › sluggish (2d·4d) › catatonic (1w) - are NOT inherited but depend on the generation, that is, each new kitty is born with a cooldown based on its generation (gen).

Gen (+) Kids Cooldown Time to Recover
0 · 1 Fast 1 minute
2 · 3 Swift 2 minutes
4 · 5 -^^^- 5 minutes
6 · 7 Snappy 10 minutes
8 · 9 -^^^- 30 minutes
10 · 11 Brisk 1 hours
12 · 13 -^^^- 2 hours
14 · 15 Plodding 4 hours
16 · 17 -^^^- 8 hours
18 · 19 Slow 16 hours
20 · 21 -^^^- 24 hours
22 · 23 Sluggish 2 days
24 · 45 -^^^- 4 days
26+ Catatonic 1 week


A gen 2 kitty will start off with a swift 2 minutes cooldown when born, and a gen 14 will be born with a plodding 4 hours cooldown.

A gen 11 kitty virgin will start off with a brisk 1 hours cooldown (slot gen 10·11) when born, but after having 3 kids will end up 3 slots down with a plodding 8 hours cooldown (slot gen 16·17).

Traits. Certain traits are rarer than others, making the Kitty more desirable. As more kitties are bred with these traits and new traits are discovered, the value of each one can change.

Traits include:

  • Body and Tail: Chartreux Cymric Himalayan Laperm Mainecoon Munchkin Ragamuffin Sphynx
  • Pimary Color: Mauveover Cloudwhite Cottoncandy Salmon Shadowgrey Orangesoda Topaz Greymatter Cottoncandy Oldlace
  • Secondary Color: Peach Bloodred Emeraldgreen Granitegrey Kittencream
  • Pattern: Spock Tigerpunk Calicool Luckystripe Jaguar Totesbasic
  • Pattern Color: Barkbrown Cerulian Chocolate Coffee Lemonade Royalpurple Scarlet Skyblue Swampgreen Violet Wolfgrey
  • Eye Type: Wingtips Fabulous Otaku Raisedbrow Simple Crazy Thicccbrowz Googly
  • Eye Color / Background Color: Bubblegum Chestnut Gold Limegreen Mintgreen Sizzurp Strawberry Topaz
  • Mouth: Whixtensions Dali Saycheese Beard Tongue Happygokitty Pouty Soserious Gerbil
Q: What are rare traits?

A: Use these website services:

Currently hintomint (144 kitties), alien (652 kitties), serpent (900 kitties), manx (1 082 kitties), hotrod (1 223 kitties), daffodil (1 347 kitties) are the three rarest.


(Source: CryptoKittydex / Cattributes)

(Source: Kitty Explorer / Cattributes)

See the Crypto Kitty World F.A.Q. or the Crypto Kitties Wiki for many more questions and answers.

More Questions & Answers

Ask the CryptoKitty team anything! @ CryptoKitties Reddit - Dec/14

CryptoKitty Team @ Axiom Zen (Vancouver, Canada) Attending:

  • Arthur Camara / Developer
  • Fabiano Pereira / Smart Contract Developer
  • Dieter Shirley / Technical Architect
  • Mack Flavelle / Product
  • Benny Giang / Product
  • Layne LaFrance / Product

Q: Where do you see CryptoKitties 6 months from now?

Arthur Camara: 6 months from now: there'll be tons of new genes, fancy cats, new features that enhance the gameplay. Managing larger collections will be easy and fun. Cats of all prices will be meaningful and we'll find new ways for people to play with their kitties. We want to enhance the meaning of ownership and make it even more fun.

Q: We have 365k kitties now and under 196k total sales (kitties traded or sired). That combined with the drop in values suggests that the demand isn't keeping pace with the supply [...] causing the market to tank. What do you think caused the crash? Are you working on strategies to increase kitty values or do you want the value to stabilize at $1 per cat or so as rumored?

Q: Any plans to make the market more sustainable for small investors? Currently, someone who invests only $10 can barely buy two kitties, let alone cover the cost to breed them. To make that worse, the likelihood that they'll be able to sell the offspring is minimal. What's your take?

Q: Any modification in plan regarding the mass supply of Gen 0s overcoming the demand?

Mack Flavelle: To be honest, the market has been unpredictable for users and for us. We don't have any more visibility on what will happen next than any other user.

The market excelled much more quickly than we expected - the Gen 0 pricing is 50% more than the average of the last 5 kitties so it is completely determined by the market not us.

We really do believe that long term the kitties will capture a ton of value for users and fans, but it's important to remember that CryptoKitties is a decentralized game. We have very little control on the economy for good or for bad.

Q1 of 2018 we have plans to stabilize the economy and reduce the volatility - in the long run we believe the kitties will be valuable.

Over time the economy will expand to be truly fun and valuable for high net worth players and new, exploratory players - a bigger, healthier economy creates value for everyone inside it.

Arthur Camara: I believe we're building long term value to CryptoKitties with amazing features that are coming, new ways to play with the kitties, new interactions. And remember: there will only ever be 50,000 gen0 kitties, we are constantly adding features, fancy kitties are constantly being discovered.

Benny Giang: There are some interesting ideas around limiting the supply of kitties that we will explore in 2018.

Q: Please let us have an option to recycle / trash worthless kitties in exchange for something.

Benny Giang: Yup, a "kitty sink" could be useful for the market but there are also various of other viable solutions.

Q: Where do you see CryptoKitties 6 years from now?

Arthur Camara: CryptoKitties will be a global brand (way before that, actually). People will give CryptoKitties to their children on their first birthday. There'll be a complex ecosystem around the game, with lots of features and tools.

Inside CryptoKitties Genetics

See the Genes page »

Code on the Blockchain - Electronic Contract Scripts

See the Contracts project »

More / Misc

See the CryptoKitties (and Copycats) Links & Resources page in the Kittypedia for Trait Cheatsheets, (Offspring) Breeding Calculators, Cattribute Rarity & Popularity Stats, Public Kitty Datasets & More

Crypto Copycats on the Blockchain!

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History Corner

Collectibles on the Blockchain before CryptoKitties

CryptoPunks on the Blockchain!

10 000 unique collectible 8-bit characters with proof of ownership stored on the blockchain.

Q: What's a CryptoPunk?

The CryptoPunks are 24x24 pixel art images, generated algorithmically. Most are punky-looking guys and girls, but there are a few rarer types mixed in: Apes, Zombies and even the odd Alien.

Buy, sell and trade CryptoPunks!

  • Punk #1812 offered for 1Ξ ($829.51) -- Male, Earring, Nerd Glasses, Normal Beard, Headband
  • Punk #324 new bid 0Ξ ($2.49) -- Female, Hot Lipstick, Earring, Blonde Bob
  • Punk #323 new bid 0Ξ ($0.83) -- Male, Mohawk Dark
  • Punk #1781 offered for 0.14Ξ ($116.13) -- Male, Normal Beard, Headband

For more see Awesome CryptoPunks Bubble (Anno 2021) »

Q: What's different?

Too simple. Buy, sell and hodl (collect). That's it. Fixed 10 000 collection. No new CyperPunks creation (eg. pairing of genomes) possible. No growth. No "mystery" genome and new surprise genes and attributes etc. Where's the fun? :-).



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