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2012-12-02 irssi-otr 1.0.0-alpha1
* Initial import of the alpha1 version
* Major refactoring from the last version
* Only supports libotr4
Version 0.3
* create queries for OTR messages if otr_createqueries is set
* finish conversations on unload unless otr_finishonunload is off
* added settings otr_policy, otr_policy_known and otr_ignore
* fixed two segfault sources
* key generation now operates on a temp file
* the .irssi/otr dir now gets created with mode 700
* commands now take an optional nick@server argument
(for single message window users)
* changed loglevel of otr_log (heartbeats) and otr_finish
* moved to the new public statusbar-item.h header
Version 0.2
* fixed multiple server problem.
* fixed fragmentation problem (seen with pidgin over IRC).
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