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CryptoEagle [CREA]

SHA256 Proof of Work, based on Bitcoin

Maximum of 10.000,000 CryptoEagles.

8 CryptoEagle per block.

First 120 blocks are 0.5 CryptoEagle blockreward, to adjust difficulty and prevent instamine.

Halving every 28349 blocks ~40 days intervals.

Minimal Blockreward of 1 CryptoEagle after halving ceases.

First day double blockreward for early adopters.

120 seconds block Time.

30 blocks difficulty retarget (approximately 60 mins).

After 8 days (approximately 5760 blocks) difficulty algo will switch to "kimoto gravity well".

6 confirmations for transaction (12 mins).

120 confirmations for minted blocks.

Default RPC Port: 28349

Default P2P Port: 28348

Windows config file location: %appdata%\cryptoeagle\cryptoeagle.conf

QR Code Support

Level DB Support

Addresses start with 'C'