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Coding project lessons built on Chainshot
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Chainshot Content

This repo hosts the content for the Chainshot lessons. The lessons consists of writeup markdown files, starter code, solutions, and tests. The lessons will match up with Karl's lectures and each section will result in the completion of one of the protocols or attacks that has been prototyped/built in the code repository.

How to run

This content repository was created by the ChainShot Builder.

To make modifications to this content use the ChainShot CLI which can be installed globally using npm:

npm i -g chainshot-builder

Pull down this repository locally if you haven't already. Then run the builder:

chainshot-builder run

Any modifications made in the IDE will be reflected in the file system immediately and can be committed up to your repository.

How to Contribute

Please see Issues and the project board for tasks to help out with. If you find a problem or improvement not listed in Issues that you would like to fix/implement, please create a new issue and assign it to yourself! :)

Content Structure

Content Repositories contain two folders, projects and config, which are used to track modifications to content and open up collaboration between many content creators.


The master branch is directly linked to Chainshot through a webhook.

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